Subrosia Market is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is a general store found in Subrosia Village, and the proprietor is a Subrosian. This shop is unique in that in order to purchase something from the store, Link must pay with Ore Chunks; the official currency of Subrosia, rather than Rupees. For certain items, Link will also have to pay a certain amount of Seeds. The Subrosia Market building is shaped like an over-sized Subrosian. Subrosians say the market is carrying strange items found at the "temple". Some of the items sold are misidentified, such as hearts being called peaches.


Item Price Secondary cost
Big Bomb Bag 50 Ore Chunks 10 Bombs
Ember Seeds (4) 5 Ore Chunks None
Gasha Seed 100 Ore Chunks 20 Scent Seeds
Hearts (3) 10 Ore Chunks None
Member's Card 5 Ore Chunks None
Ore Chunks (10) None 20 Gale Seeds
Pegasus Seeds (10) 25 Ore Chunks None
Piece of Heart 20 Ore Chunks 10 Ember Seeds
Seed Ring 30-70 Ore Chunks
(price increases by 10 after each purchase)
Ribbon None Star-shaped Ore
Wooden Shield None 5 Ember Seeds


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