"Yo! Hey, baby! I'm a stylin' scarecrow wandering in search of pleasant music."
— Stylin' Scarecrow

The Stylin' Scarecrow is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is scarecrow who shares his knowledge of music with Link.


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The Stylin' Scarecrow can initially be found in two places: the Astral Observatory's lower floor and the Trading Post in West Clock Town. Link can compose the "Scarecrow's Song" which will cause him to appear in certain places acting as a Hookshot target. After Link returns to the First Day, the "Scarecrow's Song" is erased, as the Stylin' Scarecrow has not yet heard it in that loop through time. The Stylin' Scarecrow must be found at one of his two original locations and taught a song again before he can be summoned to aid Link.

When Link talks to the Stylin' Scarecrow in either of his default locations, he tells Link about two unneeded yet very useful songs: The "Inverted Song of Time" and the "Song of Double Time", the former either slowing down or speeding up time, while the latter speeds the passing of time, allowing Link to skip to the next dawn or sundown. The Stylin' Scarecrow will also ask Link if he wants to "forget about the time" and dance with him, which will cause time to skip ahead to the next morning or night, just like when the "Song of Double Time" is played. If Link says yes, the Stylin' Scarecrow will "dance" while "Saria's Song" plays in the background, while Link will only stand there and shrug. The time will then advance to 6:00 of the next twelve-hour period. However, on Night 3, the Stylin' Scarecrow will realize how Clock Town has become unsafe (due to the Moon about to crash), causing him to leave, also preventing him from dancing on Night 3 similar to the Song of Double Time not working then.

Several of the spots where the Stylin' Scarecrow can appear are pointed to by an arrangement of five rocks in an ">" shape, and grant Link access to a fairy. In the main chamber of Snowhead Temple, the "Scarecrow's Song" can be used multiple times, summoning what are apparently multiple copies of the Stylin' Scarecrow. They allow the player to travel high up the tower with little effort. Since Snowhead Temple has generally already been completed by the time the player acquires the Hookshot, this series of Stylin' Scarecrows is most useful when returning to the dungeon in search of Stray Fairies, if they have yet to be acquired.

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