StreetPass is a functionality used in several games for the Nintendo 3DS. When wireless communication is switched on, it may receive StreetPass information from other 3DS consoles in its direct vicinity; StreetPass information may also be relayed through dedicated Nintendo Zones if the 3DS has received the required firmware updates.

StreetPass is used in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. When Link obtains a sword, he can talk to Gramps in western Kakariko Village, who will allow Link to set up a StreetPass profile to be traded with others. A player's StreetPass profile will manifest as a Shadow Link in another player's game, which they can fight to earn Rupees and complete challenges such as using a specific item in battle. The amount of Rupees gained from winning a StreetPass match is determined by the opponent's Bounty status, which is in turn determined by its equipment.

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