"Two Subrosians? You mean those weirdos who collect Rupees and other trash? They live in the weird house to the west."

The Strange Brothers are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are a pair of mischievous Subrosians.


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At a certain point in the game, as Link enters Subrosia through a portal, the Strange Brothers appear and bump into Link; this causes his Roc's Feather to fly out of his pockets, and the brothers take it, leaving him with Fool's Ore, a worthless chunk of Ore that has no practical usage, in exchange. To get the feather back, Link must follow the Strange Brothers through the maze-like Treasure Grove without being spotted. If he is discovered, they will run off with the feather, and the game will have to be redone from the very beginning.

If Link can manage to keep hidden, the brothers will bury Roc's Feather in a sand pit at the end of the maze. After they leave, Link can use the Shovel to retrieve the Roc's Feather, after which the Fool's Ore is discarded. After the Roc's Feather is retrieved, Link can repeat the process of following them through the Treasure Grove to obtain more treasures, such as Ore Chunks and Seed Rings.

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