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Storytellers is the name given to a group of storytelling characters in A Link to the Past.


Main articles: Storytelling Bird, Storytelling Insect, Storytelling Octopus and Storytelling Tree

Found in the Dark World, the Storytellers give Link tips for 20 Rupees while also refilling his Hearts and Magic Meter.[1] The octopus is found in a cave where the Sanctuary is in the Light World, and talks about the cursed Great Fairy within the Pyramid of Power.[2] The plant-like creature, found near the Palace of Darkness (where Sahasrahla hides in the Light World), tells a story about Ganon's curse over the Golden Land for free.[3] The bird-like creature, in a cave south of the Palace of Darkness, talks about the circle of stones in Lake of Ill Omen.[4] The insect-like creature is found in a cave in the Swamp of Evil (where Aginah is in the Light World) and tells Link to use the Ether Medallion to clear the rain in the mire.[5] The hand, found in a cave located where the Ice Rod is in the Light World, is a former thief and talks about another former thief specialized in the picking of locks.[6]


  • Targets similar in appearance to the octopus and the hand are found in the Shooting Gallery.


  1. "Storytellers are similar to fortune-tellers, but they sell Hyrule's myths and legends. Pay storytellers 20 Rupees to hear their helpful bit of lore—they'll also refill your life and magic for free."  (A Link to the Past & Four Swords Official Player's Guide (Nintendo Power) pg. 103)
  2. "Hah! Thank you. To tell you the truth, I found incredible beauty inside the pyramid, but someone sealed the door. You can't do anything with a standard bomb, they say..." — Storyteller (A Link to the Past)
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