"You got the Stone of Trials! This engraved object was created to lead the chosen hero to the hidden location of the Triforce!"
— In-game description

The Stone of Trials is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a large, orange gemstone bearing the emblem of the goddess.


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Link receives the Stone of Trials after gathering all the Tears of the Goddesses found in Skyloft's Silent Realm. He learns from Fi that the stone has the power to lead the hero to the location of the Triforce. Link eventually finds a statue of a bird in northeastern Skyloft which has an identical stone embedded in it. Link reinserts the missing eye piece, causing the bird statue to launch a cannonball at the island on which the Statue of the Goddess is found. The cannonball shatters the island's underside, revealing Sky Keep, the resting place of the Triforce, to have been hidden underneath there all along.

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