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Stone Tablet
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Stone Tablets are recurring objects and items in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] Stone Tablets go unnamed in The Minish Cap, Spirit Tracks, A Link Between Worlds, and Tri Force Heroes.

Location and Uses

The Minish Cap

Two Stone Tablets appear in The Minish Cap. The first appears in the Elemental Sanctuary after Link places the newly-reforged White Sword into the pedestal; it gives instructions on how to use the White Sword's ability to split Link into copies of himself.[1] This Tablet disappears after the fourth and final Element is infused into the White Sword,[2] revealing a new doorway that leads to a hidden chamber telling the location of the Light Force.

The second Stone Tablet is located at the top of the Fortress of Winds, accessible after Link defeats Mazaal. It was left by the Wind Tribe, who took the Wind Element and departed for the Cloud Tops. The Tablet explains the method of reaching them: by using the Ocarina of Wind that Zeffa drops at Link's feet shortly after he reads the Tablet.[3]

Phantom Hourglass

Stone Tablets double as Signs on many Islands in Phantom Hourglass, and as Tombstones on the Isle of the Dead. On Molida Island, a series of Stone Tablets contain the Wayfarer's Words; Link eventually discovers the Old Wayfarer's hideout at the location where the Tablets intersect.[4]

Spirit Tracks

Stone Tablets double as Signs in some Villages in Spirit Tracks. A Stone Tablet near the Trading Post is used to mark the grave of Linebeck Senior.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, a large Stone Tablet etched with writing and an inverted Triforce symbol rests at the heart of Lorule's Sacred Realm, presumably as a monument to the kingdom's lost Triforce. Prior to the game's events, Yuga discovered a crack in the Stone Tablet through which he could sense a parallel world (Hyrule) with its own Triforce.[5] The sorcerer and Princess Hilda plotted to use this crack to invade Hyrule and claim its Triforce,[6] after their own had been destroyed to quell the constant warring in Lorule.[7]

After Yuga Ganon is defeated and Princess Hilda repents, she uses the last of the power in Ravio's Bracelet to transport Princess Zelda and Link back to their own world through the Stone Tablet's crack. Moments later, Hilda and Ravio watch on as the Stone Tablet begins to rumble and then explodes, before a new Lorulean Triforce forms in its place.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, Stone Tablets appear next to each Triforce Gateway in the hub area of the Den of Trials. When read, they indicate which Zone the Triforce Gateway will transport the Links to. The Hylian text seen on the Tablets reads "Good Luck".

Breath of the Wild

A Stone Tablet is the Quest giver for the Shrine Quest, "The Three Giant Brothers". Upon reading it, Link will be instructed to collect the Ancient Orbs guarded by the three Hinox brothers atop Mount Taran and place them in the pedestals near the Stone Tablet.[8] Upon doing so, the Tawa Jinn Shrine will rise from the ground and the Stone Tablet's Quest will be complete.

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets

AST Stone Tablet.png

The eight Stone Tablets can be found at the end of each Dungeon and are obtained after defeating a Dungeon's respective Boss in Ancient Stone Tablets. The Tablets contain writings in a language used in ancient Kingdom of Hyrule, requiring Princess Zelda to use the Book of Mudora to decipher their message. The Stone Tablets reveal that the Silver Arrows, a sealed power needed to defeat Ganon, are found at Death Mountain.


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