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Stone Sphere Socket
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Main appearance(s)

Stone Sphere Sockets are Objects in Breath of the Wild.[name reference needed]

Location and Uses

Usually found within Ancient Shrines, Stone Sphere Sockets are large, glowing, bowl-shaped divots in the floor with a small or large slot at the center, serving as a receptacle for an Ancient Orb, one of which is usually somewhere nearby. They are covered in Sheikah iconography, and act as Switches to activate various mechanisms, such as doors in Shrines.

Stone Sphere Sockets are sometimes found in the Overworld in two different variants: a Sheikah pedestal with a slot for an Orb – typically used to summon a Shrine – and a plain, stone bowl shape, used to receive a spherical object that is visually different but functionally identical to an Ancient Orb.


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