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Stone Blin
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Stone Blins are enemies in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[name reference needed]


Stone Blins are stronger variants of Big Blins. They have an alternate color scheme to Big Blins and wear stone armor. They also wield a stone club instead of the Big Blins' metal club. Like Big Blins, they swing their club downwards and side to side. They also do a power swing to a side across their bodies like the Big Blins, only with an extra swing outward in the opposite direction before exposing it's Weak Point Gauge. Lastly like the lesser counterpart, it blocks with it's club as well as charges a downward swing over it's head where the warrior can deny it with the Hammer item attack, causing it to frail on it's back.

In "A New Disturbance", a Stone Blin known as the Boss Blin is the leader of the monster forces trying to take over the Forsaken Fortress from the Helmaroc King. After driving the Giant Bird away, the Boss Blin starts summoning Ruffians from the three outer Keeps of the Fortress to attack the Hyrulean Forces' Allied Base in Windfall Island. After acknowledging the outer keeps are under Hyrulean Forces control, the Boss Blin will then summon a Gohma to attack the Allied Base, making it a priority to defeat. Once Gohma is defeated, the Boss Blin will become enraged and will not flinch from regular attacks.

When defeated, Stone Blins may drop Stone Blin Bucklers or Stone Blin Helmets as their Bronze and Silver Materials, respectively.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 石鎧オヤブリン (Stone Armor Oyaburin) Stone Armored Boss Blin


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