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Stockwell's Shop
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The exterior of Stockwell's Shop
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Stockwell's Shop is a location in The Minish Cap.[1] As its name suggests, it is owned by Stockwell and is located in Hyrule Town. This is the only shop where Link can buy a Small Shield in case his gets swallowed by a Like Like. There are also Bomb Bag and Quiver upgrades that can be bought. An additional Empty Bottle can be acquired if Link shrinks down to Minish size and enters the back of the store, though Stockwell will ask him to feed his dog Fifi before he keeps it.

Item Selling Price
ShieldSmall Shield (1)
40 Rupees
Bombs (10)Bombs (10)
30 Rupees
Bombs (30)Bombs (30)
90 Rupees
Mysterious Shells (30)Mysterious Shells (30)
200 Rupees
Arrows (10)Arrows (10)
20 Rupees
Arrows (30)Arrows (30)
50 Rupees
300 Rupees
Bomb Bag upgradeBomb Bag upgradeTriforce piece.png
600 Rupees
Quiver upgradeQuiver upgrade
600 Rupees



  1. "The town is quiet enough, but past the gates, there are monsters everywhere! You should visit Stockwell's shop and get outfitted before you go out there." — Vassal (The Minish Cap)