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Steward Constructs are a friendly variant of the construct characters in Tears of the Kingdom. Their purpose is to work and teach those who ask them questions. They can primarily be found on the Great Sky Island which serves as the tutorial section of the game. They can also be found on various Sky Islands throughout Hyrule as well but a few can be found on both the Surface and the Depths.


According to King Rauru, the Steward Constructs were the first kind the Zonai built. Some became so skilled that they surpassed them, and the people of Great Sky Island came to learn from them instead.[1]

When Link awakens on the Great Sky Island after Rauru replaces Link's arm with his own, a Steward Construct meets him outside the Room of Awakening and hands him the Purah Pad which had been in its care for thousands of years at that point due to Princess Zelda traveling back in time and handing it to a Steward Construct to put away and take care of until the appropriate time. Later, another Steward Construct gives Link an Energy Cell which allows Link to use energy from the cells to power Zonai Devices outside of the Shrines of Light.


  1. :Rauru at the exit of Pondside Cave
    The Steward Constructs were the first to be built. After that, we crafted others suited to different roles. Culinary Constructs, Maker Constructs... You'll find all sorts of them still active in this place. Some became so skilled within their specialties that they surpassed us. We began to learn from them instead. You should take some time out to talk to them. They can teach you many things you might not yet know.