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Trissa (wife)[1]

Steen is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Steen is a member of the Sheikah tribe who resides in Kakariko Village with his wife Trissa, where he tends to his garden of Swift Carrots. When Link first approaches him, Steen asks if he needs help.[3] After a pause, he notes that Link seems familiar to him.[4] With another moment, Steen recalls the swordsman who attempted to halt the Calamity.[5] Link tells him that he is that very same knight, which startles the older man,[6] but Steen does not believe him at all due to the lack of the Master Sword.[7] Should Link possess the Master Sword, Steen will be taken aback before deducing that it was all an elaborate joke.[8][9] Steen thinks that the swordsman of old used Swift Carrots to train.[10] However, he admits that this was something his grandfather told him.[11] Steen tells Link to be more serious and eat Carrots to emulate the swordsman, gifting him with a Swift Carrot.[12] He then goes on to tell Link that he can find more Carrots at his wife's store,[13] asking Link to come to his home if he aspires to be strong.[14]

Should Link examine the field while Steen is working, he will ask the hero if he believes they are well grown.[15] If Link agrees, Steen begins to boast and recommends that Link go to his family's store to get some.[16] If Link should respond poorly, Steen becomes irritated with Link's lack of manners.[17] When Link looks over the field while Steen is away, he will note how well taken care of the Carrots are.[18]

Steen claims that the Swift Carrots he grows are part of Kakariko's heritage.[19] He will dismiss Olkin's claims about Fortified Pumpkins being the pride of the Village as rambling and considers Olkin hardheaded.[20] Link can ask him to clarify and Steen will tell him about their rivalry.[21] Despite their differing opinions, Steen and Olkin are on good enough terms to hunt together, though even then they're at odds.[22] Steen has attempted to press his views onto Olkin, but to no avail.[23] Link can also ask him for cooking tips and Steen will give him examples on how to use Swift Carrots effectively.[citation needed]

Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Steen will hurry to the High Spirits Produce store to check on Trissa.[1] When he gets there, he immediately begins to bombard her with questions about how she is doing.[24] She brushes off his concern with a laugh.[25]

At night, Steen can be found in front of the Material Shop, practicing fighting with a stick that somewhat resembles a Tree Branch, but of better structure and quality. Should Link speak to him, he will offer to teach him the art of combat.[26] If Link agrees, he once again compares Link to the swordsman of old.[27] Steen explains that the Sheikah have developed a number of techniques, but that he may only share a few.[28] Steen will help Link to master the moves Focus (or Targeting,[29] Jump Attack,[30] and Sneakstrike.[31] When asking about the Sneakstrike, Link gives Steen a look that causes him to quickly defend himself.[32] Steen will explain crouching if Link expresses confusion about sneaking up on enemies.[33] When Link bids him goodbye at the end of their session, Steen will admit his desire to take the trial of the Ancient Shrine above the Village.[34] However, it seems no one knows how to enter the Shrine.[35] At 3 in the morning, Steen will finally go home to rest and tells Link they can train the next night.[36]

Even in his sleep, Steen is competing with Olkin and his Fortified Pumpkins, dreaming of destroying the crop.[37] In the morning at 6am, Steen will leave to tend to his field again, taking note of the weather and how his Carrots are doing. He mentions how his field always looks tilled in the morning; he is unaware that at night Olkin attempts to trample his crops.[38]


Steen is derived from the fruit mangosteen. The French word for the fruit mangosteen is 'mangoustan,' therefore the character's name in both English and French removes the 'man-' to get his name in both languages.

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