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Stasis is a Rune ability in Breath of the Wild.[1] The Rune allows Link to freeze objects in time while storing their kinetic energy.

Location and Uses[]

The Stasis Rune is obtained in the Owa Daim Shrine at the Great Plateau. The Stasis Rune allows Link to freeze objects in suspended time, rendering them completely immobile for a short time. When an object is suspended, a glowing, yellow filter surrounds its form. This filter will eventually disappear, whereupon the object will revert back to normal and resume any movement it had before it was frozen. Through this, the Stasis Rune can be used to freeze dangerous obstacles, such as rolling boulders, or manipulate Link's surroundings to bypass them, such as turning gears. After using the Stasis Rune, a timer gauge will appear which must reach full before Link can use Stasis again.

While suspended in time, objects will store any additional kinetic energy that is inflicted upon them. Link can strike a suspended object with a Weapon to produce a vast amount of kinetic energy, which will cause the object to suddenly move as it regains mobility. A yellow arrow will appear as an object is struck to signify which direction the object will move in. Through this, it is possible to make even very heavy objects such as boulders spontaneously fly in a certain direction once time is restored. Stasis freezes a target for 10 seconds, unless unfrozen early, and the cool-down time for Stasis is also 10 seconds.

During the "Slated for Upgrades" Side Quest, Link can upgrade the Rune to Stasis + at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab by giving Purah three Ancient Cores.[2] Stasis + allows Link to freeze enemies for a short period of time.[3] Enemies under the effect of Stasis + are immune to being frozen, burned, or shocked. The cool-down time for Stasis + is unchanged at 10 seconds.

Other Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Stasis is used as a combat ability used by all Warriors. Located on the R Button wheel along with its sibling Runes and tied to the X Button while holding R, Stasis can be used in a variety of ways, primarily combat support.

Once prompted, Stasis is used to put a halt to a particularly wild attack or an attack that needs absolute focus. Once frozen, the Warriors then attack until the Stasis breaks, disorienting the target, as well as damaging/exposing their Weak Point Gauge. Exposing the Weak Point Gauge only works if the enemy has a stasis symbol over their heads.

Stasis is also needed to collect certain Korok Seeds, as certain Korok Balloons will otherwise avoid all attacks aimed at them. If activated at the right time, Stasis can also be used to help keep attack Weak Point Gauges, extending the time period the Gauges last on screen to help contribute into Weak Point Smash.

Once Stasis is used, it puts the entire R Button wheel on a cooldown for every playable Warrior that is on the field, so the cooldown cannot be circumvented by switching characters. Completing the "A Stasis on Research" Quest and the postgame-exclusive Quest "There Must Be Rice" upgrades Stasis into Stasis+, which lowers the cool down period after using Stasis.

As Zelda's first weapon class is Sheikah Slates, Stasis is incorporated into her moveset. While it still counts as Stasis without using the actual Stasis prompt by using the R Button thus can be used in place of a Stasis counter, unlike the other Runes, Stasis is part of the ending of Zelda's Regular Attack string. Stasis also appears as integral parts of all of Zelda's Weak Point Smashes.

Combinations (Zelda)[]

Attack Pattern Effect
Y Y Y Can used to substitute for Stasis counter prompt


All of the Warriors in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity have their unique spin on using the Stasis Rune power:

  • Link: Link freezes everything in front of him.
  • Impa: Impa freezes everything in front of her, then throws a rapid flurry of slashes. She then breaks the Stasis with a roundhouse kick.
  • Zelda: How Zelda uses Stasis depends on her equipped weapon:
    • Sheikah Slate: Zelda freezes everything around her.
    • Bow of Light: Zelda freezes everything in front of her, marking all that are frozen with a light ring. She could either immediately break the Stasis, or enhance the attack by bombarding it with Light Arrows.
  • Mipha: Mipha freezes everything in front of her, then she can fly forwards with a thrust of her spear, instantly breaking the Stasis.
  • Daruk: Daruk freezes everything in front of him while simultaneously willing up a ball of flame. He then enlarges it, then turns counter-clockwise with energy coating his right fist. He then slams the ball of flame into the ground, breaking the Stasis and creating a pillar of magma far in front of him after a series of explosions.
  • Revali: Revali freezes everything in front of him, then fires a rain of arrows that bombard the enemy until it breaks the Stasis, while he turns his back on his target and gives a dismissive wave of his hand.
  • Urbosa: Urbosa freezes everything in front of her, then begins hitting the frozen enemies by rapidly spinning in place with her take of the spin attack, breaking the Stasis with one final rotation.
  • Hestu: Hestu freezes everything in front of him, then begins to shake his maracas in a increasing rhythm, stopping just before the Stasis breaks. After his ability is enhanced, a gaggle of Koroks will assist Hestu by throwing fake Treasure Chests, rocks, and stone blocks.
  • Sidon: Sidon freezes everything in front of him, then stashes one of his spears and winds up with a wide smash. He then pokes out with his right hand to make the stashed away spear reappear, hitting the Weak Point Gauge even after the Stasis broke.
  • Yunobo: Yunobo freezes everything around him, then curls up into a ball and begins bouncing up and down, with the last bounce breaking the Stasis and cratering the ground underneath him.
  • Teba: Teba freezes everything in the direction he aims his Stasis at.
  • Riju: Riju freezes everything in front of her, then rides Patricia around in circles, buffering the area with lightning. She gets off of Patricia to deliver one last lightning strike.
  • Master Kohga: Master Kohga freezes the area in front of him, and himself. A couple of Yiga foot soldiers then hit him in the back repeatedly, stopping right before the Stasis breaks. Kohga gains a large amount of stress as he’s sent head over heels forwards into the ground.
  • King Rhoam: Rhoam turns his back on his opponent and plants his sword into the ground as he freezes his opponent and the area now behind him. At the ready, Rhoam will then break the Stasis by powerfully shoving his weapon into the ground, rupturing it.
  • Great Fairies: The Great Fairy that's currently out will freeze everything in front of them and themselves. They then begin to charge up momentum, then at their willing, rocket forward depending on how much momentum was used.
  • Monk Maz Koshia: Monk Maz freezes everything in front of him.
  • Terrako: Terrako freezes everything in front of him, then buffets the frozen targets with a barrage of laser shots, stopping before the Stasis breaks.
  • Calamity Ganon: Calamity Ganon emits a pulse of Stasis energy that freezes everything caught in the attack.


Stasis (στάσις, stásis) is the antonym of kinesis, meaning "to stand". Modern definitions of stasis include "freezing" or a state of inactivity.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseビタロック (Bitarokku)
RussiaRussianСтазис (Stazis)Stasis
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    Stop the flow of time for an object

    Stops an object in time while storing its kinetic energy. The stored energy will act upon the object when the flow of time resumes. Making good use of the stored energy can move even the largest of objects.
    " — Rune (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "You'll need three ancient cores to power up Stasis." — Purah (Breath of the Wild)
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