"I hear that somewhere out in the wide world is an arrow that can freeze anything. With an arrow like that you could even freeze that nasty monster in the Forsaken Fortress...for a while, anyway. But then, what would you do with a frozen monster, you say? Good question, fry. Why, I'd say you give that thing a whack and watch it shatter into teeny-tiny pieces!"

Star Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Found upon the Great Sea, it is notable for its star-shaped design, more accurately resembling a hexagram. It is located east of the Forsaken Fortress in sector B1. Many large boulders are placed on each of its six sides, which can be bombed to discover either Miniblins or in a Hidden Hole, where a Piece of Heart can be obtained after defeating Bokoblins, Magtails, Moblins and Wizzrobes.

The Korok, Oakin, is found on Star Island where he is responsible for sowing the Great Deku Tree's seeds to raise a forest. Link can help him by using Forest Water on the Withered Forest Tree as part of a quest to earn a Piece of Heart.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

Star Island appears as a Keep in the Forsaken Fortress stage.

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