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Stamp Stations are Objects in Spirit Tracks.

Location and Uses

Stamp Stations are used to stamp the Stamp Book. Some Stamp Stations are hidden, while others are out in the open. A total of 20 Stamp Stations bearing their own unique Stamp design can be found in almost every Station.

The following is the location of all Stamp Stations:

Station Requirements Location Stamp
Aboda Village
None West of Alfonzo's house.
ST Aboda Village Stamp.png
Castle Town
Bomb. The bricks must be blown up on top of the staircase to the northeast, then Link must head west across the city walls. It is at the northwestern corner.
ST Castle Town Stamp.png
None Northeast of village.
ST Whittleton Stamp.png
Forest Sanctuary
None Across the bridge, on the way to Gage's chamber.
ST Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png
Forest Temple
Whirlwind Inside a mist of poison gas in the first room.
ST Forest Temple Stamp.png
Anouki Village
None Eastern part of the Village, behind some Trees.
ST Anouki Village Stamp.png
Snow Sanctuary
None On the way to Steem's chamber.
ST Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png
Wellspring Station
Boomerang Link must freeze the Water with the Boomerang to get across.
ST Wellspring Station Stamp.png
Snow Temple
Boomerang Northeastern side of B1 floor, Link must use the Boomerang on the cold Fire to make a bridge across the body of Water.
ST Snow Temple Stamp.png
Trading Post
Bomb Northern most point inside the cave filled with Like Likes.
ST Trading Post Stamp.png
Papuchia Village
Song of Birds
Link must play the Song of Birds where he previously met Carben and they'll take him to a series of Islands. The Stamp Station is on the southwestern Island.
ST Papuchia Village Stamp.png
Ocean Sanctuary
Song of Birds
The Song of Birds must be played in front of Carben's lair and the fowl will take Link straight to the Stamp Station.
ST Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png
Ocean Temple
Hidden room on 2F. Across a crevice.
ST Ocean Temple Stamp.png
Goron Village
Whip Western half of Goron Village, northwestern part of the Map.
ST Goron Village Stamp.png
Fire Sanctuary
Boomerang All the Torches must be lit in the area littered with Fire Babas and the bridge to the Stamp Station will appear.
ST Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png
Fire Temple
Bow B1 Floor. Link must navigate the carts in the correct order.
ST Fire Temple Stamp.png
Pirate Hideout
Song of Birds
Link must play the Song of Birds at the entrance.
ST Pirate Hideout Stamp.png
Sand Sanctuary
Cuccos Once Link has brought five Cuccos to Rael, he must grab one and use it to flutter over to the larger of two Islands to the south.
ST Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png
Sand Temple
Sand Wand Northern part of floor B1. A Gerune must be used to activate a Switch and navigate through the room.
ST Sand Temple Stamp.png
Tower of Spirits
None At the very top, after the Sand Temple is cleared.
ST Tower of Spirits Stamp.png


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
CanadaFrenchCAMonument à étampes[1]
FranceFrenchEUMonument à tampon[2]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAInsignias[6]
This table was generated using translation pages.
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