Stamp Stations, also known as Stamp Stands, are items from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. These small stations hold Stamps which can be used to stamp Link's Stamp Book with one area's unique stamp. They are occasionally well-hidden or located out of reach, requiring some thinking or a particular item in order for Link to obtain that area's stamp. Stamps can be redone at any time. Link will be rewarded by Niko if he collects enough stamps. The rewards are Niko's Shield of Antiquity, his Engineer's Clothes and the Swordsman's Scroll. There are 20 Stamp Stations in all.


Stamp Location Notes
Aboda Stamp Aboda Village The Stamp Station is in the northwest area of the village, west of Alfonzo's house.
Anouki Village Stamp Anouki Village From the Train Station, go to the southeastern corner, then go north. The Stamp Station is past a small patch of trees.
Castle Town Stamp Castle Town After obtaining Bombs, destroy the cracked blocks in the northeast corner. Go up the steps and go counterclockwise around the perimeter to the northwest corner.
Fire Sanctuary Stamp Fire Sanctuary Light all the torches in the area, then cross the northernmost bridge that appears.
Fire Temple Stamp Fire Temple In the first basement floor with the cart, after reaching the ledge leading to the second basement floor, instead jump back into the cart. After reaching the southwesternmost part of the tracks, aim at the southwest corner toward a Crystal, which switches the track to one leading to the Stamp Station.
Forest Sanctuary Stamp Forest Sanctuary The Stamp Station is near the northern set of stairs.
Forest Temple Stamp Forest Temple The Stamp Station is in the northeast corner of the first floor, surrounded by purple smoke. After obtaining the Whirlwind, use it to blow away the smoke and reach the Stamp Station.
Goron Village Stamp Goron Village The Stamp Station is in the northwest corner of the rocky, mountainous western portion of the village. The Whip must be used to reach the northwestern ledge. The Stamp Station is guarded by several Fire Babas.
Ocean Sanctuary Stamp Ocean Sanctuary After obtaining the Whip, go to the northern part of the Ocean Sanctuary near the cave leading to Carben. Play the Song of Birds, then use the Whip to attach Link to the bird. Drop when it flies over the cliff overlooking the cave, on top of which is the Stamp Station.
Ocean Temple Stamp Ocean Temple In the northern area of the second floor, past the bombable walls, swing across the posts with the Whip to the northwestern corner with a fish head statue. Use the whip to pull its tongue out, opening a door, then swing across a post to a moving platform, leading to the Stamp Station.
Papuchia Village Stamp Papuchia Village After obtaining the Whip, go to the tree with birds circling it. Attach Link to one of the birds using the Whip, then drop when it flies over the southeastern platform. Go south, then continue playing the Song of Birds and using the birds to travel between platforms. The southwest platform contains the Stamp Station.
Pirate Hideout Stamp Pirate Hideout Play the Song of Birds near the western cliff, then latch onto the bird using the Whip. Drop when it flies over the cliff, on top of which is the Stamp Station.
Sand Sanctuary Stamp Sand Sanctuary Buy Cuccos from the Cucco Salesman in Castle Town, then bring them to Rael in the Sand Sanctuary. Afterward, grab a Cucco and use it to glide to the southeast isle, on top of which is the Stamp Station.
Sand Temple Stamp Sand Temple Go to the northern part of the first basement floor, then use the Sand Wand on the quicksand and go west, past several arrow-shooting holes in the wall, to the Stamp Station.
Snow Sanctuary Stamp Snow Sanctuary The Stamp Station is on a high cliff, on the way to Steem's cave.
Snow Temple Stamp Snow Temple On the first basement floor, use the ice torches in the northwest corner to make a path to the north, to a platform with the Stamp Station.
Tower of Spirits Stamp Tower of Spirits After Malladus possesses Princess Zelda's body, return to the roof of the Tower of Spirits. The Stamp Station is in plain sight, at the end of the stairs.
Trading Post Stamp Trading Post Inside the cave leading to the northern section of the Trading Post, go west of the northern stairs and jump to a small platform, then throw a bomb at a cracked block on another. Jump to that platform, on top of which is the Stamp Station.
Wellspring Station Stamp Wellspring Station After obtaining the Boomerang, use the ice torch to create a path to a platform on the northern side of the lake, on top of which is the Stamp Station.
Whittleton Stamp Whittleton Go to the northern area of the village through the northeast exit, then go north to the Stamp Station.
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