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This article is about the gauge, for the ability itself, see Stamina.

The Stamina Wheel,(BotW | TotK)[1] also known as the Stamina Gauge,(SS)[2] is a recurring feature in The Legend of Zelda series.


In all of its appearances, the Stamina Wheel measures the amount of Stamina that Link has. The Stamina Wheel represents the Stamina that Link does have with light-green, and as Link performs a variety of actions, the Stamina Wheel depletes. If Link's Stamina runs out, loses all of his energy and moves slowly for a few seconds until the Stamina Wheel refills entirely.

Mainline appearances[]

Skyward Sword[]

The Stamina is displayed as a pie-shaped indicator that appears near Link whenever he is performing an action that requires great effort, such as climbing,[3] sprinting, rolling, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy objects, and performing a Spin Attack. Performing said actions depletes the Stamina Gauge, although some actions drain the meter faster than others: while dashing diminishes the stamina constantly, the Spin Attack decreases it in large portions.

When Link's stamina is depleted, he will become tired and his movement will be slowed down dramatically for a few seconds until it replenishes. During this time, Link will also be unable to use items, including his Sword and Shield, leaving him defenseless against enemies. The Stamina Meter replenishes over time once Link stops performing strenuous actions, and it replenishes faster by standing still than by walking. Even if Link does not have the required stamina for a roll or spin attack, he can still perform one, making for perfect last-minute bursts of speed as the stamina meter runs out before reaching something such as a Stamina Fruit to refill the meter.[4] If Link buys a Stamina Potion in the Skyloft Bazaar, he may halve the rate that his Stamina Gauge depletes for three minutes, or, if it is upgraded, the Stamina Gauge will not decrease at all for three minutes.

Link's Stamina Gauge, upon reaching its last 1/4th, will drain at half speed for continuous actions such as running and climbing, but actions that drain Link's bar in portions (such as spin attacks and rolls) will have no change in the amount they drain. Because the stamina meter refills at a constant rate regardless of this, it is a common tactic to allow the meter to refill up to 1/4th before running again, as this effectively doubles the refill rate.

While sailing the Lanayru Sand Sea on Skipper's boat, the motor's constraints appear identical to the Stamina Gauge, though it is shown in the shape of a boat's steering wheel. However, it acts exactly the same, the only differences being that the boat's motor depletes half as quickly as Link's stamina meter (and therefore depletes at a quarter of the speed when it reaches its last 1/4th of energy), and that the boat does not have any available actions that lower its meter in portions.

Breath of the Wild[]

BotW Stamina Vessel Icon

In Breath of the Wild, the Stamina Wheel measures Link's ability to sprint, swim, climb, glide, and Spin Attack. It functions nearly the same as it did in Skyward Sword. Aiming a Bow while airborne slows time down and allows Link to aim and fire several Arrows in rapid succession, at the cost of the Stamina Wheel rapidly depleting. Unlike Skyward Sword, the Stamina Wheel can be permanently extended via Stamina Vessels obtained by exchanging four Spirit Orbs to a Goddess Statue. Link can also receive temporary upgrades through certain recipes of Food and Elixirs. The Stamina Wheel can be extended to a maximum of three full rings and two temporary rings acquired from food, with a total of five rings. But once used up, it will revert back to three rings.

The Horned Statue, found in Hateno Village, can exchange Link's Stamina Vessels for Heart Containers and vice versa. This is achieved by selling either a Stamina Vessel or a Heart Container to the Horned Statue in exchange for 100 Rupees. The Horned Statue then allows Link can then buy either item at a higher price of 120 Rupees. This allows Link to change how he spent his Spirit Orbs at the total cost of 20 Rupees for each conversion.

Just like in Skyward Sword, if Link depletes his entire Stamina Wheel, he will become exhausted until his Stamina recovers. This forces Link to walk very slowly and disables him from certain actions, such as using the Paraglider or climbing. Link is unable to swim without Stamina and will instead sink into the water only to appear on nearby land.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

The Stamina Wheel returns in Tears of the Kingdom, functioning mostly the same as in Breath of the Wild, but with some changes. Aiming the bow in mid-air does not rapidly decrease Link's stamina and only is decreased when an arrow is shot, making it easier to land hits. When Link's stamina is depleted when climbing and he is underneath a body of water, he will recover a small amount of stamina to help him reach a shore without instantly drowning him.

Similarly to Breath of the Wild, Link can trade four Light of Blessings to a Goddess Statue in exchange for either a Stamina Vessel or a Heart Container. When either is collected, they are absorbed into Link and release Gloom from his body similar to collecting a Light of Blessing. Like in Breath of the Wild, Link can only receive ten Stamina Vessels to upgrade his stamina for two additional wheels.

Link can also trade his Heart Containers for Stamina Vessels or vice versa with the Horned Statue for 120 Rupees, like in Breath of the Wild. Link still receives 100 Rupees for giving him either.

Crossover appearances[]

Cadence of Hyrule[]

Stamina is displayed as a bar on the HUD, which functions similarly to the Magic Meter where it decreases through the use of magic and special abilities like the Spin Attack, but also draining when when enemy attacks are successfully blocked with a Shield. It can be refilled by dealing successful blows against enemies, collecting Magic Jars, drinking Stamina Potions, or by consuming bottled fish, such as the Big Fish and Golden Fish.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
United KingdomEnglishBRStamina Wheel
JapanJapaneseがんばりゲージ (Ganbari Gēji)Endurance Gauge
FranceFrenchEUJauge d'endurance
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