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Stamina Vessel
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Increasing Link's total Stamina
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Stamina Vessels are items in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]

Location and Uses

Stamina Vessels permanently increases the amount of total Stamina available to Link. Link begins with one full Stamina Wheel, but he can increase the amount of Wheels he has by obtaining Stamina Vessels. Each Stamina Vessel provides a small amount of extra Stamina, with five Vessels needed for each additional full Wheel. Link can earn Stamina Vessels by choosing them over a Heart Container after trading in four Spirit Orbs to a Goddess Statue anywhere in Hyrule. Spirit Orbs are rewarded to Link at the end of every Ancient Shrine. Link can obtain up to 10 Stamina Vessels, allowing him to have three full Stamina Wheels. If Link instead uses his Spirit Orbs to achieve a maximum of 30 Hearts from the Goddess Statue, he will only have enough Spirit Orbs left to obtain a total of seven Stamina Vessels.

By visiting the Horned Statue in Hateno Village, Link can exchange his Stamina Vessels for Heart Containers and vice versa. This is achieved by selling either a Stamina Vessel or a Heart Container to the Horned Statue in exchange for 100 Rupees. The Horned Statue then allows Link to buy one of either item at a higher price of 120 Rupees. This allows Link to change how he spent his Spirit Orbs at the total cost of 20 Rupees for each conversion.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
RussiaRussianКапсулу энергии (Kapsulu energii)Energy capsule
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