Stalblind is the boss of Thieves' Hideout, a dungeon in Lorule in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Stalblind is the leader of the Thieves in Thieves' Town.


Stalblind starts the battle with a sword and a shield, using his large shield to block any attacks. The catch to damage him is to merge with the shield, doing so will cause Stalblind to place the shield facing his back while losing sight of Link, which gives him a chance to appear into the field and attack Stalblind from his back. After performing successful attacks Stalblind will turn itself into a ghostly form. During this time he cannot be damaged and will attempt to slash and release a dark breath against Link, then he will revert back to use his shield.

After enough damage is inflicted Stalblind will completely forsake his shield in favour of more aggresive swordsmanship, incorporating his own Spin Attack that has an incredibly wide range. He will pursue Link for a couple of seconds before leaving himself open to attack from any direction since the shield is gone. When even more damage is inflicted Stalblind will separate his head from his body. His body must be attacked to inflict damage while his head releases his dark breath while pursuing Link for the remainder of the battle. The Fire Rod and the Bow can be effective to attack from a distance, the former can be more useful since it can land several strikes on its path while one focuses on escaping the vicious combination of body and head.


Stalblind a reanimated Blind

It could be possible that after the Link from A Link to the Past killed Blind, Yuga reanimated Blind's remains as Stalblind.

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