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Not to be confused with Blind the Thief, a similar Boss from A Link to the Past.

Stalblind is the Boss of Thieves' Hideout in A Link Between Worlds. Stalblind is implied to be boss of the thieves in Lorule.[1][2]


Stalblind is battled on a large platform surrounded by a bottomless pit, in a room adjacent to the entrance of Thieves' Hideout, which cannot be entered until Link rescues the Thief Girl, then makes his way back to the entrance and obtains a Big Key with her help. When Link enters the room and crosses the small bridge to the platform, the bridge raises behind him, slamming the door shut and trapping the Thief Girl in the previous room.

Stalblind materializes in the center of the room, carrying a large sword and shield. He will defend against all of Link's attacks while slowly chasing him around. Link must force Stalblind to raise his shield, then Wall Merge onto its surface, confusing the monster and lowering his guard. Then, he can emerge from the shield and strike Stalblind in the back with his Sword. When Stalblind recovers, he will spew dark magic toward Link, creating separation between the two.

After Link completes this process, Stalblind will begin to make wide, telegraphed swipes of his sword, but can be outsmarted and attacked in the same manner. After the second time completing this process, he will begin making multiple, successive swipes of his sword. After the third time, Stalblind will toss his shield aside and begin the second phase of the battle. His movement speed will increase, he will make vertical sword slashes that get momentarily stuck in the floor if he misses, and will occasionally perform a version of the Great Spin Attack, chasing down Link while he rotates wildly. To succeed, Link must avoid Stalblind's attacks and strike back with his Sword when an opening is presented.

When Stalblind sustains enough damage, the battle enters its third phase. Stalblind's head will detach from his body and begin to spew dark magic continuously while it flies around the room, and his body will make quick, successive sword slashes toward Link, who must try to avoid both parts simultaneously while striking back at the body.

After Stalblind is defeated, the doors to the room reopen and the Thief Girl rejoins Link. She leads him out of the Dungeon and to a house on the outskirts of Thieves' Town, where a Heart Container and the Painting of Osfala are found.


Stalblind is a portmanteau of Stalfos, a skeletal enemy in The Legend of Zelda series, and Blind, a Boss from A Link to the Past.

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JapanJapaneseスタルブラインド (Sutaruburaindo)Same as English.
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  1. "Hang on a second. You wouldn't happen to be looking for some kind of painting, would you?
    I knew it! That thing must be pretty valuable if the boss went to all that trouble just to hide it.
    And now folks are searchin' for it. Hm. Well, I may have "accidentally" learned where the boss hid it...maybe.
    That's why the creep locked me in here! Can you believe that?! Say...we could help each other out here.
    " — Thief Girl (A Link Between Worlds)
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