"When y'all are approachin' a fence, use A to dash at the right moment and y'all can jump the middle of the fence. Got that, bud?"

Spurs are items from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are used to represent a horse's stamina allowing them to run full gallop and will be restored over time.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

They are used to give Epona, Link's horse, speed bursts while riding her. These speed bursts must be used to jump over various obstacles, such as fences and metal gates. Spurs are required in order to complete the game, as the aforementioned gates will occasionally block Link's access to a specific area, such as Kakariko Village.

Link is given six Spurs when he rides Epona. Every time that Link uses a Spur by pressing the A button, Epona increases her speed for a short period of time, and resumes to running at a normal speed after one has been used up. Spurs will regenerate after a brief lapse of time, but they will take longer to reappear if Link uses all of them before they have a chance to do so. They will fully regenerate if Link dismounts Epona, or if he enters a new area while riding her.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Spurs are used to give horses bursts of speed allowing them to gallop quickly like in Twilight Princess. A horse's stamina rating determines how many spurs it has. It can be temporarily increased by feeding them Endura Carrots which will add 3 extra yellow Spurs with a Carrot underneath, and these yellow spurs are lost after one use. A horses Speed stat represents their basic movement speed while the Spurs represent their stamina to gallop. Spurs therefore act as a Horses Stamina Wheel in Breath of the Wild. Any horse equipped with the Ancient Bridle gains two additional Spurs.

Some horses, like the Giant Horse encountering during the side quest "Hunt for the Giant Horse", lack Stamina and thus have no Spurs even if they are feed Endura Carrots. Also horses with wild temperaments will throw Link off if he tries to make them gallop when there spur gauge is empty regardless of their bond with him. Unlike Twilight Princess, Epona has 4 Stars Stamina and thus only 4 Spurs. However the White Stallion obtained during "The Royal White Stallion", has 5 Stars Stamina and thus has 5 Spurs which is the maximum. However Epona has a Gentle temperament, she will not throw Link off if he tries to make her gallop when her spur gauge is empty. The Stalhorse used by Stalkoblins has three Spurs.

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