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A Magma Spume
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Spumes are enemies in Skyward Sword.[1]


Spumes are medium-sized, toad-like enemies that inhabit bodies of water, magma or sand. If Link approaches them, they will dive into whatever liquid they are swimming in. From a distance, they will reveal themselves and spit projectiles at the young hero. These projectiles can be reflected back at them with the Shield Bash using an appropriate Shield. Spumes can also be defeated by shooting Arrows at them with the Bow, or by dropping a Bomb onto them using the Beetle. The Spumes do not completely conceal themselves after diving, leaving a small part of their body open to projectile weapons.

Several varieties of Spumes exist, each living in a different type of environment or region, and are named after the type of projectile they launch at Link.

Magma Spume

Main article: Magma Spume

Magma Spumes are a fiery variety that are found inside the Earth Temple.[2] They swim through the magma and spit fireballs at Link. These fireballs can be sliced with the Sword, rendering them ineffective. Their fireballs can also be reflected with a Shield Bash, so long as Link is not using the Wooden Shield or any of its upgrades; otherwise the wood will burn away, leaving Link vulnerable. If a Magma Spume manages to hit Link with a fireball, Link will catch on fire and will need to do a Roll or a Spin Attack to put out the flames. Magma Spumes can be crushed if Link rolls over them with the large stone spheres located inside the Temple.

Electro Spume

Main article: Electro Spume
SS Electro Spume Render.png
An Electro Spume

Electro Spumes are an electrified variety that appear in the Lanayru Desert region. They live in the Desert's quicksand pools and spit balls of electricity to attack. If Link touches these projectiles with his Sword, he will get shocked and receive damage. They can be defeated by reflecting their electricity balls with a Shield Bash, so long as Link does not use the Iron Shield or its upgrades.

Cursed Spume

Main article: Cursed Spume
SS Cursed Spume Model.png
A Cursed Spume

Cursed Spumes are found in the Volcano Summit and the Fire Sanctuary. These Spumes spit balls of dark energy that will curse Link, rendering him unable to use his Sword or items until the curse fades away. The Spume's projectiles can only be reflected with the Sacred Shield and its upgrades, along with the Hylian Shield.

Water Spume

Main article: Water Spume

Water Spumes are a water-based variety found swimming in the Lanayru Sand Sea in the past.[3] Water Spumes attempt to capsize Skipper's boat by shooting balls of water. They can be defeated with a single cannon shot.


  • Fi's analysis claims that Cursed Spumes can be found in poisonous swamps, although they are never encountered in any such environments and are instead common to volcanic, high-temperature areas.


Spume may be derived from "spew," to forcefully propel something, in reference to their attacks. It may also come from "Spume," an alternate name for sea foam.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Spume Magma Spume Electro Spume Cursed Spume Water Spume
Japan Japanese マグッポ (Maguppo) ビリッポ (Birippo) ヤミッポ (Yamippo) ミズッポ (Mizuppo)
Canada FrenchCA Piout Magmapiout Élecpiout Ténépiout
Federal Republic of Germany German Kopper Lavakopper Blitzkopper Finsterkopper Wasserkopper
Italian Republic Italian Getto Magmagetto Elettrogetto Sventurgetto Acquagetto
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tracio Magmatracio Electracio Maletracio


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