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Spring of the Spirit Lanayru
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The interior of the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru
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The Spring of the Spirit Lanayru,[1] also known as Lanayru Spring,[2] is a location in Twilight Princess. It is situated in Lake Hylia, and serves as the home of Lanayru, the fourth Spirit of Light. This Spring is popular for Hylian citizens since it is here they can send prayers to the Spirit of Light.[3]

Features and Overview

When Link first walks into the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru as a Wolf, the Light Spirit, Lanayru will ask that the young hero defeat the Shadow Insects and retrieve the Tears of Light from them, in order to return light to the Lanayru Province. Doing so will restore Lanayru's powers, who will tell Link that the next Fused Shadow rests in the Lakebed Temple.[4] Before Link departs, however, Lanayru warns him about the true power of the Fused Shadow as well as the Sacred Realm, the Triforce, and the Interloper War caused by the Twili.[5]

Upon completing the Lakebed Temple, Link is Warped to the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru and is immediately confronted by Zant. Although Lanayru tries to stop Zant, he easily bests the Light Spirit, causing the spring to be covered in Twilight yet again and thus transforming Link into a Wolf. Zant tries to persuade Midna to join his side, but after she refuses, he holds her up in front of Lanayru, who gravely injures Midna with its light. Immediately after this, Link and Midna are Warped out of the spring and into Hyrule Field.

In the Cave of Ordeals, when Link reaches the 40th floor, the Great Fairy will reward the young hero by releasing recovery Fairies into the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru.[2] Reaching the last floor of the Cave will allow Link to talk to the Great Fairy at the Spring and receive unlimited Great Fairy's Tears, provided that he does not already have a Bottle full of them.[6]

Link can also obtain a Piece of Heart by using the Clawshot to climb the vines on the east side and thus be able to reach a door that houses the prize behind it.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic FrenchEU Source de Lanelle
Italian Republic Italian Sorgente di Ranel

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