"The Spring of Wisdom is a place where the princesses of Hyrule Castle used to go to do some kind of ceremony. No idea exactly what kind of ceremony, but anyways, it's not a place where us ordinary folks go. No princesses here."
— Medda

Spring of Wisdom is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located on the peak of Mount Lanayru in Hyrule. The Mark of Nayru appears on the altar that the spring's Goddess Statue sits upon. Link can learn the location of the spring from Medda in Hateno Village.

During the "The Spring of Wisdom" Shrine quest, the spirit Naydra can be found at the spring, covered in growths of Malice. Link is directed by the Goddess Statue to free Naydra by destroying the growths. After freeing Naydra, Link must offer Naydra's Scale to the waters of the spring, revealing Jitan Sa'mi Shrine.

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