"Where the dragon's mouth meets the serpent's jaws / A shrine sleeps in the forest with noble cause."
— Kass

The Spring of Courage is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the southwest part of the West Necluda region in the portion that overlaps with the unnamed Faron jungle region. The Mark of Farore appears on the altar the Goddess Statue sits upon.

The entrance to the spring is guarded by Lizalfos and a Moblin. During "The Serpent's Jaws" Shrine quest, Rito minstrel Kass plays the Ancient Song of Pagos Woods which provides clues that lead Link to the spring. To complete the quest and enter Shae Katha Shrine, Link must offer a scale from the spirit Farosh to the waters of the spring. The Spring of Courage is the only spring in which its coresponding Shrine Quest is not named after the spring itself. It is also the only Shrine Quest related to the sacred springs to be given by Kass. The Spring itself is surrounded by a giant stone craving of a dragon.


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