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Spring Water Cave
Spring Water Cave Entrance.png
Entrance to the Spring Water Cave
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The Spring Water Cave is a location in Majora's Mask.[1][note 1]

Features and Overview

The cave is found in the Ikana Canyon of Termina. It serves as the source of water which flows through the Ikana River. It houses several rocks and plenty of Spring Water which can be Bottled, but most importantly it is the resting place of the ghost of Sharp, one of the Composer Brothers.[3]

According to Sharp's brother, Flat, Sharp sold his soul to the devil,[4] and is the one responsible for the Spring Water Cave being dried up, subsequently resulting in Ikana River drying up as well. Due to the curse put on it, the Music Box House lacks the water to function properly, and as such, it is currently being encircled by Gibdos roaming the outside of the house. Flat teaches Link the "Song of Storms", which is necessary in order to cleanse Sharp's dark soul, thus breaking the curse of the spring and restoring the natural flow of the River.[5]


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  1. The Spring Water Cave is referred to as the Ikana Cave in the The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask — Official Perfect Guide by Versus Books.[2] However as this name contradicts the one given in Majora's Mask, it is not considered Canon.


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