"Sniff! Sniff! There's a Spring Banana tree up there. But until the Rock Flowers bloom in spring, I can't climb up to it... Can nothing be done?"

The Spring Banana is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It must be obtained in order for Moosh to help Link find the key to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. It is accessible during only spring, as Rock Flowers block Link's way to it in any other season.

After changing the season to spring on the nearby stump with the Rod of Seasons, Link must travel one screen to the east where Moosh will be sitting next to the un-petrified Rock Flowers. They can be destroyed with the sword. After this, Link must go north. A hopping Cucco can be found to the left, below a sign. Link must equip his Power Bracelet to grab the Cucco and rapidly tap its assigned button until the Cucco flies up to the ledge above.

After this, Link must head north and proceed through a cave, hopping across the ledges while proceeding to the staircase. After ascending up the stairs, the Spring Banana tree will be nearby. If Link slices at the tree, some Spring Bananas will drop down, allowing him to give them to Moosh, who will, in turn, help him find the key.

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