"Welcome to the Spore Store! My shrooms are delicious, suspicious, but never malicious!"
— Natie

The Spore Store is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a store located at Korok Forest, inside The Great Deku Tree, and managed by Natie.

If Link asks Natie "what is this place?", she reveals that the room inside The Great Deku Tree, containing the Spore Store, General Shoppe, and Great Deku Tree's Navel Inn, is technically located in The Great Deku Tree's stomach, then she tells Link not to think about it too much.


The Spore Store is a Mushroom shop that sells various types of mushrooms which can be used to restore health or as Cooking ingredients.

Item Price Stock
Hearty Truffle 24 1
Ironshroom 20 4
Razorshroom 20 4
Rushroom 12 4
Stamella Shroom 20 4

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