"Ghosts from the Royal Valley. The one in the blue cap is Spekter, and the one in the red cap is Spookter. Spekter tries to be scary, but he's just not."

Spookter & Spekter are characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Spookter resides in the Royal Valley, while Spekter is found in Hyrule Town causing trouble. Fusing Kinstones with Spookter once will cause Borlov to create a new level in the Treasure Chest Shop. Fusing Kinstones with him a second time will result in Spekter letting go of his own burdens and moving onto the afterlife, disappearing from Hyrule Town and saying to his distant brother that he will see him in paradise. This opens up a Minish passageway into Anju's henhouse.


The names Spookter and Spekter are likely derived from "spook" and "specter", both terms for ghosts or apparitions.

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