Split Gauge

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Split Gauge
TMC Split Gauge Sprite.png
Main appearance(s)
Infusing the Picori Blade with two of the Four Elements
Creating Copies of Link

The Split Gauge is an ability in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Split Gauge is a gauge that appears whenever Link charges a Spin Attack when standing on special tiles. When the Spin Attack is fully charged, Link can channel the power of the Picori Blade and create up to three copies of himself. He gains this ability when the reforged Picori Blade is infused with two of the Four Elements. When all Four Elements are infused into the Picori Blade, it becomes the Four Sword, granting Link the ability to break Vaati's curse on the denizens of Hyrule by unleashing a wave of energy after fully charging the Split Gauge.[2]

Link can shorten the time it takes to charge his Split Gauge by receiving training from Splitblade in Veil Falls.



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