"In the beginning, the people followed the spirits of good, and all was peaceful. But that era of peace soon came to an end."

The Spirits of Good (光の神 Hikari no Kami?, God of Light), also known simply as the Spirits, are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. They are viewed as the deities of the land, filling the role that the Golden Goddesses played in earlier games in the series.


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When the founders of New Hyrule discovered the land, the Demon King, Malladus, attacked them. The Spirits of Good used all their power to seal him beneath the land, with the Spirit Tracks as his shackles and the Tower of Spirits as the lock. They then departed to the heavens to recover after their historic battle.

The Lokomo became dedicated to keeping Malladus subdued, particularly Anjean, a Lokomo that worked in the Tower of Spirits. Anjean had an apprentice, Byrne, who, when refused power by the Spirits, turned on them and attempted to revive Malladus alongside Chancellor Cole. In order to keep the Dark Realm secret, he was asked to seal part of the Spirits' power in the Compass of Light, preventing the Spirit Tracks leading to the Dark Realm from appearing. They then attempted to gradually take over the Tower of Spirits.

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