"I am the spirit of the mansion. I have been waiting for someone to overcome the darkness. Find all the secret shells and go through the gate to receive the ultimate sword!"
— Spirit of the Mansion

The Spirit of the Mansion is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. An unseen spirit who guards the Seashell Mansion, it speaks to Link when he enters the mansion for the first time. It tells the hero to retrieve the Secret Seashells in order to banish darkness from the mansion. As a reward, the spirit offers Link the Ultimate Sword. If Link returns to the Seashell Mansion with seashells that number a plural of five, the Spirit of the Mansion presents Link with a box containing another Secret Seashell. Once Link obtains 20 or more Secret Seashells, the darkness that was placed on the mansion is lifted, and the Ultimate Sword materializes itself. The Spirit of the Mansion is not heard from again.

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