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"That ghostly guy is really suspicious... I bet he's our "Spirit of the Caves"!"

The Spirit of the Caves is a Big Poe that lives in the Eldin Caves in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.


Hyrule Warriors

The Spirit of the Caves is a member of Cia's Dark Forces that serve under Wizzro in The Sheikah Tribesman story scenario. It is among the troops assaulting the Hyrulean Forces lead by Link, Impa, and the mysterious Sheikah survivor Sheik. The Spirit guards the tunnel gate preventing the Hyrulean Forces from escaping further into the final portion of the caves, thus acting as a gatekeeper for the Dark Forces. Sheik realizes that they must defeat the Spirit in order to survive and continue onward. Eventually the spirit is defeated, opening the Tunnel gate allowing the Hyrulean Forces access to the final portion of the Eldin Caves.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

The Spirit of the Caves plays the same role it did in Hyrule Warriors.

Adventure Mode

Outside of the story, The Spirit of the Caves makes an appearance as an enemy on the Master Wind Waker DLC Adventure Mode map as part of a quiz-based scenario (which require the player to defeat the correct enemy).

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