"That is your Spirit Vessel. When this vessel is full, it will signify you have successfully completed the trial, allowing your spirit to grow. This, in turn, will allow the goddess to bless you with a new power."

Spirit Vessels are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Spirit Vessels resemble a flower or vine with many bulbs along the stem. Extracted from within Link every time he enters one of the Silent Realms, they are used to hold Tears of the Goddesses. Each tear collected fills one of the Spirit Vessel's bulbs. When Link gathers all tears found in one area and makes it to the realm's exit unharmed, his spirit grows, and he is granted powerful items from the Golden Goddesses.

The flower at the top of the vessel's stem is representative of Link's condition within the Silent Realm. It progressively loses petals, at a rate of one petal disappearing every ten seconds, and is entirely bare when the 90 second time limit is reached, at which point the Guardians awaken. When the allotted time is restored, so too are the flower's petals. Upon completing the trial, the flower grows into a fruit containing a reward.

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