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"They built shackles to imprison him, and a tower that acted as a lock. These shackles cover the land to this day."

The Spirit Tracks are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.


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Located in New Hyrule, the Spirit Tracks serve as the shackles that detain the evil Malladus in his underground imprisonment. They were put in place after the Spirits of Good temporarily defeated Malladus in order to serve as shackles, with the Tower of Spirits serving as a lock. These shackles, which extend across the land of New Hyrule in four different directions, are used by the surrounding community as transportation railways. During the events of the game, however, the tracks start mysteriously disappearing. Link sets out to prevent this, as if they disappear completely, there will be nothing to hold Malladus anymore, and he will be able to return to New Hyrule. Link can somehow restore the tracks by obtaining a Rail Map, Force Gem, or the Compass of Light, or by playing a duet with one of the Lokomos. Link uses the Spirit Tracks throughout his adventure as a means of transportation through New Hyrule.

There are two different types of Spirit Tracks. Tracks with yellow rails are the basic type of tracks used for transportation, while tracks with blue rails are the tracks specifically used to feed energy between the temples and the Tower of Spirits. The blue rails will only appear once a dungeon's boss has been defeated. However, the Spirit Tracks have different appearances in each Realm. All of them feature green triangles and yellow rails. The tracks in the Forest and Snow Realms are identical, while those in the Ocean Realm are made of gray rock. The Fire Realm's tracks consist of a zig-zag pattern atop a strip of reddish-brown rocks. The tracks in the Dark Realm resemble normal tracks, but are lined on both sides with round gray rocks.

Space-time Gates can be found along the Spirit Tracks. They can be used to transport the Spirit Train to other locations across New Hyrule.

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