Spirit Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located south of Molida Island, it does not appear on the Sea Chart until Link draws close and notices the island off in the distance. On the island can be found a cave that houses a small pond. If Link has obtained 10 of one type of Spirit Gem, he can power up his corresponding spirit. If Link collects 20 gems of one type, he can power up the spirit even further. Once Link has powered up a spirit to either level 1 or 2, he can equip it to take advantage of its powers. However, Link can only equip one fairy at a time.


Level 1: Flaming Sword

The Spirit of Power is powered up. A small amount of flames dance around the blade, doubling Link's sword damage. Oshus's Sword gains the ability to stun Phantoms by striking them on the back.

Level 2: Flaming Sword

Link's blade is completely engulfed in flames, giving it three times the original attack power.


Level 1: Glowing Hearts

The Spirit of Wisdom is powered up. Link's hearts have a pulsing blue aura around them, and damage is reduced by half.

Level 2: Magic Shield

Link's shield is powered up to deflect almost all attacks, reduces damage by a quarter of a heart and stuns certain enemies if he runs into them with his shield out.


Level 1: Beam Sword

The Spirit of Courage is powered up. When Link's sword is swung, a small beam is fired from it, with as much attack as one normal swing of Link's sword.

Level 2: Beam Sword

Link's sword beam width and potency are both increased.

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