The Spirit's Springs are locations from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are freshwater springs scattered throughout the land of Hyrule. They each house one of the four Light Spirits: Eldin, Faron, Lanayru and Ordona. These spirits were sent by the Golden Goddesses to protect the four provinces of Hyrule, which were named in their honor. During Zant's invasion of Hyrule, Shadow Beasts invade the springs belonging to Eldin, Faron and Lanayru, stealing their power and scattering it. Link, in wolf form, arrives at Ordona's spring in time to prevent the theft of this final Spirit's power, and learns of the plight of the remaining three.

From each of the affected Spirits, Link receives a Vessel of Light, in which he must collect the fragments of power by defeating the Shadow Insects that hold them. When the vessel is filled, the Spirit's power is restored and Link is restored to his normal form. Thereafter, Twilight is dispelled from the province governed by that Spirit.

The healing waters of the Spirits' Springs can restore a quarter of a Heart every second if Link stands in it. If he visits the Cave of Ordeals, he will enable fairies to inhabit the springs each time he completes ten levels of battle. If Link completes the entire Cave of Ordeals, Great Fairies will be released to all of the springs, and will grant Link Great Fairy's Tears if he speaks with them.

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