Spiral Charge

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Spiral Charge
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Main appearance(s)
Strongly charging into obstacles with a Loftwing

The Spiral Charge is a Loftwing technique in Skyward Sword.[1]


After Link seals The Imprisoned for the second time, Zelda tells the young hero that he must obtain the Triforce in order to defeat Demise. To find information on the whereabouts of the Triforce, Link must talk to Gaepora who tells Link that the only person in The Sky who would know about the Triforce is Levias and refers him to Instructor Owlan, who was tasked with investigating the mysterious appearance of the Thunderhead.[2][3][4] Owlan tells Link that Levias has been possessed and it is too dangerous for him to head within the Thunderhead and offers to teach him the Spiral Charge.[5][1] However, Owlan warns the young hero that the move is dangerous to perform and is usually reserved for senior Knight Academy students and that he must test the young hero first.[6]

To learn the Spiral Charge, Link must pass Owlan's test and break 10 targets in under 120 seconds with his Loftwing.[7] If the young hero completes this, Owlan will recognize him as a skilled pilot and tell him that Pumm knows how to find Levias.[8]

Once Link finds Levias with the help of Pumm, he will have to battle the possessed Sky Spirit and bring him back to his senses. To free Levias from his possession, Link must use the Spiral Charge to remove the parasites that have infested him. After he does so, the Rain inside the Thunderhead finally ceases and Levias tells Link to find the parts of the "Song of the Hero" to open the path to the Triforce.

Link can also use the Spiral Charge move to destroy rocks on two islands, uncovering Treasure Chests. Each Treasure Chest contains a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees. The two islands can be found east of Fun Fun Island and southwest of Pumpkin Landing.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Canada FrenchCA Attaque tornade
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tirabuzón aéreo



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