"An upgraded Boko Bow bound with animal bone to boost its durability and firepower. Its craftsmanship is sloppy, but it's light and easy to use."
Hyrule Compendium

The Spiked Boko Bow is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One can be found by Link in a Treasure Chest in a cavern located behind the waterfall that feeds the River of the Dead on the Great Plateau. Bokoblins in East Necluda and Faron Grasslands wield them. Occasionally Moblins and Lizalfos may also wield them. It is a Boko Bow enhanced with animal bones with an base attack strength of 12. Link can equip and use it as a weapon. It is superior to the Boko Bow, yet it is inferior to the Dragonbone Boko Bow.

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