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The following is a list of records set for Speedruns of games in The Legend of Zelda series. These records are taken from the leaderboards on Speedrun.com; see the main website for the most up-to-date official leaderboards, details about categories, and all runners. Most runs listed are single-segment/real-time attack, meaning the run was completed in one sitting from start to finish. However, some speedruns have special rules set to allow breaks during the run because of the length. Each category has a different requirement for completing the run. The most common includes Any%, which is beating the game as fast as possible, 100%, which is beating the game with every collectible, quest, and other permanent task completed, and Low%, which is completing the game with as few items as possible.

Speedrun Records[]

Main Games[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Schicksal 26m 55s November 26, 2021
Any% (All Glitches Except Up + A) Schicksal 27m 54s January 6, 2021
100% Schicksal 33m 28s February 12, 2022
100% (All Glitches Except Up + A) lackattack 35m 15s January 30, 2022
Low% Greenmario 30m 12s January 20, 2022
Sword-less lackattack 32m 26s May 12, 2019
Extreme Rules cytown 1h 21m 23s September 28, 2022
Any% (Second Quest) Eunos 2m 19s February 3, 2021
Any% (Second Quest, No ACE) Schicksal 30m 9s May 20, 2022
Any% (Second Quest, No ACE or Up + A Glitch) Schicksal 32m 18s May 10, 2022
100% (Second Quest) Schicksal 39m 30s June 24, 2022
100% (Second Quest, No Up + A Glitch) Schicksal 48m 22s June 2, 2022
Low% (Second Quest) lackattack 36m 41s June 10, 2022
Sword-less (Second Quest) lackattack 34m 40s May 5, 2022
Extreme Rules (Second Quest) lackattack 1h 15m 4s May 17, 2022

The Adventure of Link[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% chromataclysm 15m 58s 417ms September 30, 2022
Any% (Deathless) do00d 57m 36s 416ms September 22, 2019
Any% (No Major Glitches) do00d 48m 46s 306ms January 16, 2022
Any% (No Door Fairying Glitch) do00d 1h 6m 40s 379ms November 23, 2018
Any% (No Scroll Lock Glitch) do00d 41m 35s 750ms November 26, 2020
Any% (New Game Plus) do00d 9m 27s 116ms June 16, 2019
Any% (New Game Plus, No Major Glitches) do00d 35m 2s 300ms June 25, 2021
100% do00d 51m 31s 316ms December 12, 2020
100% (All Keys, 1CC) do00d 1h 13m 46s 55ms March 10, 2019
100% (Deathless) do00d 1h 6m 46s August 11, 2019
100% (No Major Glitches) Lite 1h 1m 18s 183ms August 6, 2022
Reverse Boss Order do00d 47m 29s 600ms July 29, 2020

A Link to the Past[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% CamelCreator 1m 36s August 28, 2015
Any% (Restricted Major Glitches) Lui 25m 15s March 4, 2022
Any% (No Major Glitches) Lunawwwr 1h 22m 58s August 5, 2022
Any% (Save & Quit Allowed) Eriror 1h 22m 7s May 31, 2021
Any% (No Out of Bounds Glitches) daotmb 1h 12m 3s April 26, 2019
Defeat Ganon poor_little_pinkus 11m 6s May 29, 2018
Defeat Ganon (No RAM Preparation) hotarubi_ta 12m January 28, 2022
100% Xelna 2h 0m 51s September 23, 2018
100% (Partial) hotarubi_ta 1h 7m 18s October 3, 2022
100% (Restricted Major Glitches) Lui 1h 28m 44s December 21, 2020
100% (No Major Glitches) Xelna 1h 41m 7s January 9, 2022
Low% (No Major Glitches) Doomtap 1h 28m 9s August 11, 2020
All Dungeons hotarubi_ta 39m 51s August 18, 2021
All Dungeons (Restricted Major Glitches) Yuzuhara_3 1h 7m 49s March 20, 2021
All Dungeons (Sword-less) hotarubi_ta 47m 57s March 22, 2022
All Bosses (No EG) hotarubi_ta 48m 13s January 11, 2022
Reverse Boss Order hotarubi_ta 52m 42s September 4, 2022
Obtain the Cane of Byrna AlphaGamer 35m 6s December 25, 2017
Obtain the Master Sword (No Major Glitches) Eriror 21m 36s April 26, 2021
Obtain the Master Sword (Restricted Major Glitches) Doomtap 17m 22s Janurary 14, 2021
Obtain the Mirror Shield Eriror 47m 29s January 18, 2022
Obtain the Mirror Shield (Restricted Major Glitches) FoxLisk 7m 21s September 19, 2022

A Link to the Past & Four Swords[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Blank 1m 50s Janurary 18, 2020
Any% (No Major Glitches) RealAlphaGamer 1h 18m 59s April 19, 2018
100% RealAlphaGamer 1h 34m 12s April 21, 2018
Low% RealAlphaGamer 1h 52m 4s April 20, 2018
Obtain the Master Sword RealAlphaGamer 20m 33s April 20, 2018
Obtain the Mirror Shield RealAlphaGamer 45m 51s April 20, 2018

Link's Awakening[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Global-Trance 1m 21s 333ms August 15, 2015
Any% (No ACE) Flynn 2m 54s May 2, 2014
Any% (Warpless) Nitroz 41m 47s June 10, 2022
100% GlyphDX 58m 41s Feburary 11, 2021
All Instruments Bloo 13m 49s May 27, 2019
Link's Awakening DX[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% SeYsEy 2m 12s 633ms May 6, 2020
Any% (No ACE) Nitroz 4m 34s 33ms December 18, 2021
Any% (No Wrong Warp or ACE) GreenTunic 7m 49s April 24, 2019
Any% (No Wrong Warp, System Transitions, or ACE) TGH 31m 57s April 12, 2021
Any% (No Out of Bounds, Wrong Warp, or ACE) TGH 48m 59s Feburary 27, 2021
Any% (No Save & Quit, Out of Bounds, Wrong Warp, or ACE) TGH 51m 31s Janurary 26, 2021
Any% (Glitchless) Gabe 1h 18m 48s May 20, 2021
100% SeYsEy 32m 44s May 8, 2021
100% (No Wrong Warp or Out of Bounds) TGH 1h 16m 39s Februrary 3, 2021
All Instruments aulos 16m 15s October 16, 2019
Reverse Dungeon Order Zintrothen 28m 46s June 9, 2020
Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Normal Mode) TGH 59m 59s September 26, 2021
Any% (Hero Mode) EDL666 1h 12m 56s March 16, 2021
Any% (No Hinox Warp) Birdmandrew 1h 10m 30s June 6, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) TGH 1h 38m 18s June 23, 2022
100% TheLimeFilms 2h 56m 4s March 28, 2022
Rapids Race Adamo 17s 290ms September 2, 2020
Rapids Race (Glitchless) Adamo 21s 590ms December 24, 2020

Ocarina of Time[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Murph_E 3m 55s 466ms July 23, 2022
Any% (Defeat Ganon) SiirZax 7m 12s July 14, 2021
Any% (Defeat Ganon, No SRM) Lozoots 13m 10s 933ms July 20, 2022
Any% (No Wrong Warp) Amateseru 15m 38s October 8, 2021
Any% (No Wrong Warp or SRM) realtimeattack64 38m 02s April 15, 2022
Any% (Some Restricted Glitches) realtimeattack64 2h 13m 59s July 23, 2021
Any% (Glitchless) realtimeattack64 3h 36m 5s July 11, 2021
100% zfg 3h 0m 39s March 11, 2021
100% (No SRM) glitchymon 3h 45m 51s July 6, 2022
100% (Some Restricted Glitches) realtimeattack64 5h 32m 43s Feburary 14, 2019
100% (Glitchless) Smaugy 5h 40m 33s October 9, 2022
Ganondorf Source Requirement Bonooru 1h 9m 16s June 7, 2022
Medallions/Stones/Trials CountLG 1h 42m 20s August 22, 2022
All Dungeons realtimeattack64 32m 27s June 26, 2022
All Dungeons (No SRM) Amateseru 1h 12m 49s May 6, 2022
Master Quest[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% Savestate 4m 21s 200ms July 7, 2021
Any% (Defeat Ganon) Malicia 9m 22s September 11, 2022
Any% (Defeat Ganon, No SRM) ZerKirL 16m 9s October 11, 2020
Any% (Some Restricted Glitches) SlyRyD 2h 51m 49s September 11, 2021
Any% (Glitchless) Blaze1438 3h 52m 19s August 9, 2021
100% ZerKirL 4h 30m 33s January 29, 2022
100% (Some Restricted Glitches) Makai 6h 8m 42s Feburary 12, 2016
100% (Glitchless)
Low% (All Dungeons) scurty 2h 30m 1s January 16, 2022
All Dungeons BigSalt 26m 14s May 27, 2022
All Dungeons (No SRM) ZerKirL 1h 29m 17s December 31, 2020
Ganondorf Source Requirement ZerKirL 1h 17m 34s November 28, 2020
Medallions/Stones/Trials jenslang 2h 8m 16s March 17, 2021
Dungeon Dice Monsters BigSalt 43m 58s July 6, 2022
Dungeon Dice Monsters (No SRM) zfg 2h 44m 44s January 20, 2016
Reverse Dungeon Order jenslang 1h 53m 22s April 9, 2020
Child Dungeons (As Adult Link) BigSalt 17m 54s July 6, 2022
Child Dungeons (No SRM) MikamiHero 31m 17s Janurary 9, 2020
Child Dungeons (Some Restricted Glitches)
Child Dungeons (Glitchless) Yanis 1h 5m 49s November 30, 2020
Ocarina of Time 3D[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% pal62 27m 37s July 18, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) gymnast86 3h 41m 27s April 8, 2022
Any% (Master Quest) Audiokillers 29m 4s November 17, 2021
Any% (Master Quest, Glitchless) Dabombster 3h 38m 49s October 17, 2018
Any% (New Game+) pal62 23m 30s August 9, 2021
100% gymnast86 4h 8m 58s Feburary 25, 2019
100% (Master Quest) Audiokillers 4h 58m 11s February 3, 2022
All Dungeons gymnast86 1h 19m 49s March 20, 2020
All Dungeons (Master Quest) TheWayfaringFox 1h 37m 59s August 24, 2019
Medallions/Stones/Trials benstephens56 1h 57m 47s September 1, 2022
Medallions/Stones/Trials (Master Quest)

Majora's Mask[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% raggen 18m 29s January 17, 2022
Any% (Some Restricted Glitches) popesquidward 1h 15m 26s February 3, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) jess57329 2h 41m 26s January 22, 2022
100% EnNopp112 4h 17m 48s October 2, 2020
100% (Some Restricted Glitches) EnNopp112 4h 35m 30s December 3, 2018
100% (Glitchless) TrevPerson 5h 42m 56s December 29, 2021
All Dungeons (Some Restricted Glitches) popesquidward 1h 28m 29s August 12, 2021
All Masks (Some Restricted Glitches) popesquidward 2h 17m 26s July 23, 2022
All Masks (Glitchless) realtimeattack64 3h 42m 1s September 22, 2022
All Fairy Rewards popesquidward 1h 50m 4s November 20, 2020
Majora's Mask 3D[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% iwabi74 33m 23s March 19, 2021
Any% (No Wrong Warp) iwabi74 1h 33m 35s January 26, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) iwabi74 2h 52m 1s January 30, 2022
100% iwabi74 5h 21m 34s March 18, 2019
All Masks iwabi74 2h 6m 55s January 24, 2022
All Fairy Rewards iwabi74 1h 59m 21s September 22, 2022

Oracle of Seasons[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% orima_r 43m 25s September 10, 2022
All Essences TGH 1h 33m 9s March 17, 2022

Oracle of Ages[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% TGH 1h 21m 48s October 23, 2021
All Essences Sagaz 2h 17m 20s May 22, 2020

Linked Oracle Games[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% orima_r 1h 26m 55s December 5, 2021
Any% (No ACE) Nitroz 2h 41m 20s October 29, 2020
100% Drenn 9h 7m 48s Feburary 27, 2021
All Essences of Time and Essences of Nature Sagaz 4h 15m 55s November 10, 2019

Four Swords[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Game Boy Advance) legrandgrand
20m 42s July 7, 2016

Four Swords Anniversary Edition[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% RedFrost 17m 53s May 17, 2022
Any% (Multiplayer) Okaito
25m 50s July 20, 2021
Realm of Memories Door #1 RewanDemontay 20m 37s March 17, 2022
Realm of Memories Door #2 RedFrost 6m 40s July 30, 2022
Realm of Memories Door #3 RewanDemontay 14m 46s March 15, 2022

The Wind Waker[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Aloakirby 52m 19s September 27, 2022
Any% (No Manual Super Swim) gobbitybobbity 1h 15m 25s April 30, 2022
Any% (No Actor Unloading or Barrier Skip) Demon 3h 48m 17s July 5, 2018
Any% (Limited Bugs) nezumiirta 5h 19m June 19, 2017
Any% (Moon Jump Cheat Allowed) Kryptek 37m 5s November 6, 2017
100% nukie 14h 1m 51s April 18, 2022
100% (Less Collectables) minimini352 6h 13m 26s July 13, 2022
All Dungeons gymnast86 2h 20m 54s March 27, 2022
Low% EJ125 1h 29m 34s April 29, 2022
Low% (No Actor Unloading or Barrier Skip) Demon 4h 19m 45s July 11, 2018
Din's Pearl iwabi74 27m 17s October 17, 2020
Obtain the Master Sword gymnast86 1h 16m 39s March 27, 2022
Obtain the Master Sword Early iwabi74 16m 44s September 6, 2020
14 Small Keys minimini352 4h 3m 44s March 22, 2022
The Wind Waker HD[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% mralberto23 45m 16s March 6, 2022
Any% (No Manual Super Swim) mralberto23 1h 6m 15s March 6, 2022
Any% (No Barrier Skip) mralberto23 2h 52m 8s Dcember 15, 2021
Any% (No Barrier Skip, No Manual Super Swim) mralberto23 3h 12m 56s December 18, 2021
Any% (Start at the Grappling Hook) mralberto23 27m 47s March 6, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) mralberto23 4h 26m 43s December 27, 2021
100% mralberto23 5h 52m 38m August 10, 2022
100% (Partial) mralberto23 4h 49m 2s December 8, 2021
100% (Partial, No Manual Super Swim) mralberto23 5h 11m December 14, 2021
100% (Partial, Glitchless) mralberto23 7h 9m 17s December 22, 2021
All Dungeons mralberto23 1h 59m 34s January 29, 2022
All Dungeons (No Manual Super Swim) mralberto23 2h 19m 29s April 24, 2022

Four Swords Adventures[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% NaviLyn 2h 1m 48s June 29, 2022

The Minish Cap[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% TGH 1h 27m 40s January 21, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) TGH 2h 13m 15s December 28, 2021
100% ToadsWoot 3h 58m 1s August 16, 2020
Fire Rod Myth197 32m 5s March 4, 2022

Twilight Princess[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (GameCube) Demon 2h 51m 6s December 23, 2021
Any% (Wii) An_D 3h 25m 10s September 17, 2022
Any% (No Save & Quit) Demon 3h 5m 36s June 7, 2021
Any% (JP Glitchless Ruleset) FX 5h 23m 51s June 2, 2022
Any% (Glitchless) FX 5h 32m 6s April 9, 2022
All Dungeons bewildebeest 3h 36m 04s June 5, 2022
100% bewildebeest 6h 17m 58s September 24, 2022
100% (JP Glitchless Ruleset) FX 8h 12m 59s August 5, 2022
100% (Glitchless) FX 7h 55m 11s August 26, 2022
100% Plus JDLM 8h 55m 14s June 22, 2022
Low% link1183 15h 42m 59s April 10, 2022
Obtain the Master Sword Simikins 18m 40s August 26, 2021
Obtain the Master Sword (No Save & Quit) Simikins 20m 41s June 4, 2021
Obtain the Master Sword (JP Glitchless Ruleset) FX 2h 36m 31s July 20, 2022
All Fused Shadows bewildebeest 1h 17m 28s July 17, 2022
All Mirror Shards bewildebeest 1h 14m 43s September 1, 2022
Twilight Princess HD[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% Onaku 3h 15m 03s June 5, 2022
Any% (Some Restricted Glitches) Jacquaid 5h 17m 59s Septemer 16, 2019
100% Jacquaid 7h 59m 10s May 11, 2020
100% (Some Restricted Glitches)
100% (No Amiibo Requirement) D3lighted 7h 59m 10s May 11, 2020
100% (No Amiibo Requirement, Some Restricted Glitches) HeartPiece 9h 27m 49s April 25, 2022
All Dungeons gymnast86 4h 2m 29s August 10, 2020
Obtain the Master Sword (Some Restricted Glitches) Onaku 2h 32m 12s June 6, 2022
Start at the Master Sword (Some Restricted Glitches)
All Mirror Shards Jacquaid 3h 46m 36s July 13, 2018
All Miiverse Stamp Jacquaid 7h 36m 36s April 2, 2019

Phantom Hourglass[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Hornlitz 3h 7m 35s October 24, 2021
100% benstephens56 5h 24m 45s October 14, 2018
Ghost Ship RTA Nyanasaur 1h 35m 35s August 6, 2020

Spirit Tracks[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Jasnix08 3h 59m 44s December 30, 2021
100% Jasnix08 7h 58m 9s May 29, 2021
Forest Temple RTA Jasnix08 32m 15s May 26, 2022

Skyward Sword[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% HalfJaise 1h 9m 37s August 31, 2022
Any% (No Back in Time) gymnast86 5h 34m 18s July 3, 2021
Any% (No Hero Mode) Kitcot 3h 25m 6s July 26, 2021
100% gymnast86 6h 46m 52s January 13, 2021
100% (No Back in Time) 64bit_link 8h 38m 23s October 3, 2021
All Dungeons gymnast86 2h 54m 4s May 16, 2022
Goddess's Harp Ronano 59m 4s December 23, 2020
Talk to Yerbal Jasnix08 54m 41s December 3, 2021
Boss Rush Jasnix08 21m 41s Feburary 1, 2018
Skyward Sword HD[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% Jasnix08 3h 59m 33s October 5, 2022
100% DJCarmichael 8h 27m 6s July 27, 2021
100% (New Game+) gymnast86 6h 23m 25s November 17, 2021
Obtain the Goddess's Harp Jasnix08 1h 24m 31s June 27, 2022

A Link Between Worlds[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Skitten 1h 20m 25s May 4, 2023
Any% (Hero Mode) Skitten 1h 28m 00s May 11, 2023
Any% (Glitchless) floraberry 2h 13m 58s May 16, 2023
Any% (Glitchless, Hero Mode) Herreteman 2h 23m 2s October 10, 2021
100% TheLegendofZaheer 3h 1m 11s April 30, 2019
100% (Hero Mode) TheLegendofZaheer 3h 23m 13s November 17, 2014
100% (Glitchless)
Low% Herreteman 2h 9m 29s March 28, 2018
Low% (Hero Mode)

Tri Force Heroes[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% LustNoel 22m 58s August 25, 2021
Any% (Multiplayer) LustNoel
1h 4m 9s March 20, 2021
Any% (No Skips) LustNoel 54m 38s October 20, 2021
All Levels LustNoel 2h 6m August 23, 2021
All Levels (Multiplayer) LustNoel
2h 35m 4s Feburary 3, 2020
All Levels (No Costumes) LustNoel 2h 21m 36s March 6, 2021
All Levels (No Costumes, Multiplayer)
Den of Trials Koopary 24m 55s January 29, 2020
Den of Trials (Multiplayer) LustNoel
22m 42s August 1, 2021
Den of Trials (No Costumes) LustNoel 28m 45s May 17, 2021
Den of Trials (No Costumes, Multiplayer)
All Drablands Challenges LustNoel 10h 16m 26s September 20, 2020
All Drablands Challenges (Multiplayer)
All Drablands Challenges (No Costumes) LustNoel 12h 3m 31s Feburary 23, 2020
All Drablands Challenges (No Costumes, Multiplayer)

Breath of the Wild[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Player5 23m 51s January 2, 2023
Any% (No amiibo) Player5 24m 41s October 21, 2022
100% Ikurapan 15h 27m 24s February 17, 2023
100% (Extended) PancakeTurtle 18h 11m 14s November 14, 2022
All Divine Beasts Player5 1h 26m 41s November 3, 2022
All Divine Beasts (Extended) keikou_yellow 2h 55m 33s September 10, 2022
All Ancient Shrines iTNTPiston 4h 16m 45s February 16, 2023
All Ancient Shrines (Restricted) orcrist_gc 6h 07m 51s April 12, 2022
All Ancient Shrines (Extended) XiaoXiaMi 5h 30m 58s July 29, 2022
All Ancient Shrines (Extended, Restricted) no submitted runs botw?h=All_Shrines-Extended-Restricted&x=wkpqmw8d-ql6gegv8.zqoy8ox1-onv7j3wn.4lxr334l N/A N/A
All Main Quests Player5 2h 09m 42s November 25, 2022
All Main Quests (Restricted) Zdi 2h 33m 33s July 1, 2022
All Main Quests (Extended) Limcube 4h 33m 00s July 25, 2021
All Main Quests (Extended, Restricted) bggdimm 4h 40m 22s August 3, 2021

Other Games[]

Zelda (Game & Watch)[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Game & Watch) Foz27 16m 39s May 19, 2021
Any% (Game Boy Advance) Habble 14m December 3, 2021
Any% (PicaPic) Lazar181 14m 46s January 21, 2017
Second Quest (Game & Watch)
Second Quest (Game Boy Advance) Habble 20m 1s December 6, 2021
Second Quest (PicaPic)
Both Quests (Game & Watch)
Both Quests (Game Boy Advance) Habble 39m 20s December 6, 2021
Both Quests (PicaPic)
Low% (Game & Watch)
Low% (Game Boy Advance) Habble 19m 19s December 6, 2021
Low% (PicaPic)

The Faces of Evil[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (CD-i) Usui 24m 28s April 17, 2018
Any% (CD-i 370)
Any% (Emulator) Glutko 22m 3s May 13, 2019
100% CD-i Grumpmeister 35m 40s May 5, 2018
100% (CD-i 370) PDT1060 31m 57s July 13, 2019
100% (Emulator) AeronBorjil 35m 2s May 15, 2021
All Cutscenes (CD-i) JSR_ 51m 25s August 30, 2021
All Cutscenes (CD-i 370) PDT1060 53m 12s July 13, 2019
All Cutscenes (Emulator)

The Wand of Gamelon[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (CD-i) Usui 28m 53s January 14, 2021
Any% (CD-i 370)
Any% (Emulator) qqwref 55m 29s July 10, 2012
100% (CD-i) Grumpmeister 35m 41s January 17, 2021
100% (CD-i 370)
100% (Emulator)
All Cutscenes (CD-i) Captain_Had 47m 25s May 20, 2022
All Cutscenes (CD-i 370)
All Cutscenes (Emulator) Captain_Had 44m 52s April 19, 2022

BS The Legend of Zelda[]

Category Runner Time Date
Third Quest (Map 1) Iceblue 29m 29s July 11, 2022
Third Quest (Map 1) (100%) Iceblue 34m 37s January 21, 2023
Fourth Quest (Map 2)
Fourth Quest (Map 2)

Zelda's Adventure[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Douggernaught 57m 6s March 20, 2022
Any% (2 Players 1 Controller) Douggernaut
1h 47m 42s June 2, 2017
All Shrines Douggernaught 1h 9m 25s November 25, 2020

Ancient Stone Tablets[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Matkap 7m 11s May 25, 2022
Any% (Restricted Glitches) RealAlphaGamer 43m 27s June 15, 2021
Any% (Restricted Glitches, All Weeks) RealAlphaGamer 1h 6m 28s June 14, 2021
100% (Restricted Glitches) RealAlphaGamer 1h 10m 39s June 15, 2021
All Tablets (Restricted Glitches) RealAlphaGamer 30m 9s June 14, 2021

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% dynomation4 3h 50m 46s July 28, 2019
100% dynomation4 6h 43m 17s July 29, 2018

Tingle's Balloon Fight DS[]

Category Runner Time Date
1 Player Game bluestone19 1h 3m 1s April 5, 2022
Balloon Trip thegoodjakeward 1h 27m 49s September 29, 2021

Link's Crossbow Training[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Wii or Wii U) MikethePike1304 30m 54s August 2, 2021
Any% (Emulator) handstraws 38m 41s 867ms November 20, 2021
100% (Wii or Wii U) K1ngNatsu 41m 24s December 30, 2021
100% (Emulator)
All Triforces (Wii or Wii U) minimini352 27m 24s October 8, 2020
All Triforces (Emulator)
All Bronze Medal (Wii or Wii U) MikethePike1304 39m 53s August 2, 2021
All Bronze Medal (Emulator)
All Silver Medal (Wii or Wii U) MikethePike1304 39m 55s August 4, 2021
All Silver Medal (Emulator)
All Gold Medal (Wii or Wii U) MikethePike1304 40m 14s 81ms July 27, 2021
All Gold Medal (Emulator)
All Platinum Medals (Wii or Wii U) MikethePike1304 40m 22s August 1, 2021
All Platinum Medals (Emulator)

Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Douggernaught 5h 45m 9s June 11, 2019
100% OC 9h 54m 7s May 23, 2019

Hyrule Warriors[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Tricourage 2h 53m 57s June 22, 2015
Any% (New Game+) Tricourage 2h 19m 48s April 2, 2015
Any% (Only Scenario-Recommended Warriors) Tricourage 2h 51m 8s April 4, 2015
Any% (Only Scenario-Recommended Warriors, New Game+) Tricourage 2h 28m 48s November 2, 2015
Any% (Using Agitha Only) Gamer_David 2h 38m 8s June 5, 2015
Any% Co-op Tricourage
2h 42m 45s June 19, 2016
Any% Co-op (New Game+) Tricourage
2h 20m 46s January 2, 2016
Any% Tri-op
100% (Legend Mode Only) Gamer_David 13h 51m 25s October 30, 2015
Adventure Mode (Adventure Map) Gamer_David 55s March 23, 2016
Adventure Mode (Master Quest Map) Gamer_David 56m 6s October 9, 2015
Adventure Mode (Twilight Map) Gamer_David 43m 40s July 6, 2015
Adventure Mode (Termina Map) Gamer_David 36m 45s July 5, 2015
Hyrule Warriors Legends[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% (All Scenarios) gamebrain1 4h 13m 9s May 27, 2018
Any% (Original Scenarios Only) gamebrain1 3h 1m 56s May 25, 2018
Adventure Mode (Adventure Map) starcrytas 29m 28s July 31, 2020
Adventure Mode (Great Sea Map) starcrytas 1h 37m 35s August 13, 2020
Adventure Mode (Master Quest Map) starcrytas 48m 52s August 17, 2020
Adventure Mode (Master Wind Waker Map) starcrytas 35m 7s August 11, 2020
Adventure Mode (Twilight Map) starcrytas 22m 38s August 9, 2020
Adventure Mode (Termina Map) starcrytas 28m 35s August 5, 2020
Adventure Mode (Koholint Island Map) starcrytas 32m 26s August 12, 2020
Adventure Mode (Grand Travels Map) starcrytas 31m 33s August 12, 2020
Adventure Mode (Lorule Map) starcrytas 40m 6s August 18, 2020
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition[]
Category Runner Time Date
Any% Evanmrob 2h 48m 51s August 21, 2022
Any% (New Game+) bananerz 2h 46m 46s May 2, 2020
Any% Co-op LightAvenger
4h 7m 57s January 20, 2020
Any% Co-op (New Game+) Locke
3h 8m 9s July 19, 2018
100% Evanmrob 288h 58m 17s October 20, 2021
100% (Partial) Evanmrob 16h 54m 14s July 24, 2022
All Scenarios Evanmrob 4h 34m 35s August 2, 2022
All Scenarios (New Game+) Temchee 4h 13m 1s July 8, 2018
All Scenarios Co-op
All Scenarios Co-op (New Game+) Locke
5h 8m 6s July 23, 2018
Adventure Mode (Adventure Map) Evanmrob 1h 21m 41s July 5, 2022
Adventure Mode (Adventure Map, Co-op) Supreme_Dirt (Using 2 Controllers) 1h 18m 50s May 2, 2021

My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% Anorakkis 1h 50m 27s April 2, 2022
"How to Play" Levels Anorakkis 5m 44s April 2, 2022
All Levels Maste_Rem 22m 42s October 25, 2020
Micross qwertylool 13m 41s May 13, 2017

Cadence of Hyrule[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% PLTBreeze 12m 6s April 9, 2021
Any% (No Major Glitches) WasKi115 16m 27s 130ms March 4, 2021
Any% Co-op
Any% Co-op (No Major Glitches) norbs99
18m 18s 360ms January 2, 2022
100% (No Major Glitches) WasKi115 1h 11m 12s May 25, 2021
All Instruments
All Instruments (No Major Glitches) WasKi115 24m 24s 390ms Feburary 24, 2021
All Barriers and Castles
All Barriers and Castles (No Major Glitches) WasKi115 28m 35s August 3, 2022

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Easy) Naoto09 3h 47m 56s April 6, 2021
Any% (Easy, New Game+) Temchee 2h 29m 48s August 17, 2022
Any% (Normal) Erusoru 4h 7m 7s 490ms March 21, 2021
Any% (Normal, New Game+) Temchee 2h 31m 56s August 4, 2022
Any% (Hard) Naoto09 5h 11m 24s Feburary 1, 2019
Any% (Hard, New Game+) Temchee 2h 35m 37s July 19, 2022
Any% (Very Hard) potetofry 7h 39s Feburary 1, 2021
Any% (Very Hard, New Game+) Temchee 2h 41m 53sJune 8, 2022 hwaoc/run/mkkvjovm
Any% (Apocalyptic) Piccol_Link_ 8h 33m 100ms May 8, 2022
Any% (Apocalyptic, New Game+) Temchee 2h 48m 37s January 21, 2022
Any% Co-op (Easy) snowgirl
3h 51m 52s October 2, 2022
Any% Co-op (Easy, New Game+) Locke
3h 16m 2s November 11, 2021
Any% Co-op (Normal) snowgirl
4h 12m 34s 970ms June 17, 2022
Any% Co-op (Normal, New Game+) SnowNight
SnowNights brother
3h 32m 34s 48ms June 7, 2021
Any% Co-op (Hard) snowgirl
5h 10m 16s 210ms June 3, 2022
Any% Co-op (Hard, New Game+) Locke
3h 34m 37s July 18, 2022
Any% Co-op (Very Hard)
Any% Co-op (Very Hard, New Game+)
Any% Co-op (Apocalyptic)
Any% Co-op (Apocalyptic, New Game+)
100% (Easy) Cartiss 30h 2m 15s January 17, 2021
100% (Medium)
100% (Hard)
100% (Very Hard)
100% (Apocalyptic)

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