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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a glossary of commonly-used terms in the speedrunning community, especially the Zelda speedrunning community.



In a 100% speedrun, the goal is to attain 100% Completion as quickly as possible.



In an Any% speedrun, the goal is simply to complete the game as quickly as possible, without additional requirements.



Bomb + Slumber. In A Link to the Past, certain bosses may "Slumber" away from your bombs. It's debatable whether seeding the RNG to prevent a Blumber saves time, or adds extra time.

Bottle Adventure[]



Originally a term used to define programming that confines players within the boundaries of the game world, clipping now refers to the manipulation of a game's physics engine to allow a model or character to pass through walls or solid objects that would normally obstruct the player. Also referred to as "noclipping".


Dry Storage[]

See Storage



An Ocarina of Time speedrun category in which the game must be completed without fighting Ganon. This is accomplished by Wrong Warping from the Fire Temple.



In a Low% speedrun, the goal is to beat the game with as few items as possible, in as little time as possible.


NewGame Plus (NG+)[]

NewGame Plus (NG+) is a glitch used in Ocarina of Time 3D. It is combined with a glitch called Bottle Adventure, which manipulates the player's B button to have an item other than the sword. When in a Bottle Adventure, the NG+ glitch can be performed by quitting to the title screen while either riding a horse or fishing. Upon starting a new file, the player will have the same item on B as in the Bottle Adventure.[1]

This glitch has various speedrunning benefits depending on the item placed on B. Having Farore's Wind on B will allow the runner to Wrong Warp into the credits, thus ending the run.[2]

NG+ allows for the fastest Any% runs. However, "Any% NG+" is considered a distinct speedrunning category from regular Any%.


Real Time Attack (RTA)[]

A run completed in real time, especially in one sitting. savewarping is allowed.



Consists of saving and resetting the game to "warp" back to a checkpoint, such as a dungeon entrance.

Single-Segment (SS)[]

A run completed in one sitting, without resetting the game.


Storage is a glitch in The Wind Waker that is done by pulling out the Wind Waker at the same time the Forest Water expires or, more commonly, by cancelling the Wind Waker conducting exactly 3 frames before landing from a Wind Waker Dive. The latter method is dubbed "Dry Storage." The glitch "stores" the next cutscene or text encountered. This has various effects on gameplay depending on what was "stored." Effects of storage include, among others, walking up walls, clipping through doors, and superswimming.[3]




Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS)[]

A Tool-Assisted Speedrun is a speedrun on a rerecording emulator made with savestates, slowdown and frame advance to create the most optimal time possible.



Wind Waker Dive[]

Wrong Warp[]


Zombie Hover[]

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