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Special Delivery
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Quest Giver Finley
Location Bank of Wishes
Reward Gold Rupee
Previous Quest
"Divine Beast Vah Ruta"

"Special Delivery" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After calming Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Link can find Finley on the Bank of Wishes with her Love Letter. She asks the Letter to carry her thoughts.[2] When she notices Link, Finley asks him if he also has a wish for the water fairy,[3] but she realizes this is not the case since he does not have a letter.[4] Therefore, she deduces that Link must be a servant to the water fairy.[5]

If Link confirms her thoughts, Finley dismisses it and tells him not to make fun of her because she is cute.[6] Since he is a traveler,[7] Finley asks Link to follow her Love Letter and find out who picks it up, as she would like to know.[8] She can not go herself, since she promised her mother she would not stray too far from Zora's Domain.[9]

Finley begs Link to find the person who picks up the Love Letter.[10] Once he agrees, Finley prepares to throw the Letter into the Zora River and asks if he is ready.[11] She informs Link that the container holding the Love Letter breaks easily, so he should be careful handling it.[12]

The Love Letter is cast into Zora River, and so Link is tasked with keeping it safe on its journey. On its path are enemies that may destroy it, which Link must either defeat or avoid. The Letter can also get stuck at several points along the River, which similarly must be destroyed or avoided.

If the Love Letter is broken or lost, Link can return to Finley at the Bank of Wishes.[13] Having predicted this, Finley made a copy,[14] which she will throw into the Zora River as well.

Eventually, the Love Letter will arrive at the camp of Sasan at the mouth of the River, who asks Link if he has ever been to Zora's Domain.[15] He asks how far it is from his camp,[16] and when he hears that it is, he introduces himself.[17] On his way to Zora's Domain, he caught sight of Finley's first love letter,[18] and since then, he has been sending letters back to her via travelers.[19]

Sasan asks Link if he was following the Love Letter,[20] revealing that he lied about his appearance in his own replies.[21] Though he wants to meet Finley, if he does so now, she would figure out his lie.[22] At Link's encouragement, Sasan finds the motivation to go see her.[23] On his journey to Zora's Domain, Sasan hopes to train up his muscles.[24]

After Sasan leaves his camp, Link can head to Zora's Domain to find him.[25] He and Finley both recognize him,[26][27] They thank Link for bringing them together,[28][29] and they give him a Gold Rupee as a reward.[30] Finley encourages Sasan to work out and build up his muscles,[31] which he agrees to.[32] With this, the Side Quest ends.


Stage Description
1 Follow the letter down the river without losing sight of it, and find out who receives it. The letter's casing is fragile, so take care when pursuing it downstream.

If you lose sight of the letter, return to Finley to try again.
2 It turns out that Sasan picked up the message. He's heading to Zora's Domain to meet Finley now.

If you want to see what happens, you should get to Zora's Domain too...
Complete Sasan arrived safely at Zora's Domain and met with Finley. Your part in the matter is concluded, though it remains to be seen whether Sasan can put on the muscle Finley hopes for.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseメッセージボトルの行方 (Messēji botoru no yukue)
ChinaChineseSI信息瓶的行踪 (Xìnxī píng de xíngzōng)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR訊息瓶的行踪 (Xùnxí píng de xíngzōng)
FranceFrenchEULe destinataire de la lettre
ItalyItalianIl messagio in bottiglia
South KoreaKorean메시지 물병의 행방 (Mesiji mulbyeongui haengbang)
RussiaRussian«Письмо в бочке» («Pisʹmo v bochke»)
Latin AmericaSpanishLACarta en una botella
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