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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningSourceActive?Tagged changes
AWBAWBEdits made with AutoWikiBrowserApplied manually by users and botsYes27,057 changes
visualeditor-wikitextSource editEdit made using the source mode of the visual editorDefined by the softwareYes20,235 changes
mobile editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)Defined by the softwareYes5,373 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by the softwareYes5,373 changes
visualeditorVisual editEdit made using the visual editorDefined by the softwareYes4,578 changes
mw-new-redirectNew redirectEdits that create a new redirect or change a page to a redirectDefined by the softwareYes4,371 changes
mw-removed-redirectRemoved redirectEdits that change an existing redirect to a non-redirectDefined by the softwareYes2,013 changes
mw-undoUndoEdits that undo previous edits using the undo linkDefined by the softwareYes1,580 changes
mw-changed-redirect-targetRedirect target changedEdits that change the target of a redirectDefined by the softwareYes1,278 changes
visualeditor-switchedVisual edit: SwitchedUser started to edit using the visual editor, then changed to the wikitext editor.Defined by the softwareYes520 changes
mw-rollbackRollbackEdits that roll back previous edits using the rollback linkDefined by the softwareYes356 changes
mw-replaceReplacedEdits that remove more than 90% of the content of a pageDefined by the softwareYes235 changes
mw-blankBlankingEdits that blank a pageDefined by the softwareYes78 changes
mobile-editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)No longer in useNo2 changes
2021080515512820210805155128No longer in useNo1 change
2021080515511420210805155114No longer in useNo1 change
2021061122190820210611221908No longer in useNo1 change
2021061122085720210611220857No longer in useNo1 change
2021061122082620210611220826No longer in useNo1 change
2021061122040420210611220404No longer in useNo1 change
2021061121585120210611215851No longer in useNo1 change
2021061121572220210611215722No longer in useNo1 change
2021061121324620210611213246No longer in useNo1 change
2021061121212820210611212128No longer in useNo1 change
2021061121144820210611211448No longer in useNo1 change
2021060602195920210606021959No longer in useNo1 change
2021060515100520210605151005No longer in useNo1 change
2021060403114020210604031140No longer in useNo1 change
2021060201010720210602010107No longer in useNo1 change
2021060201002620210602010026No longer in useNo1 change
2021051011222820210510112228No longer in useNo1 change
mw-contentmodelchangecontent model changeEdits that change the content model of a pageDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
visualeditor-needcheckVisual edit: CheckEdit made using the visual editor where the system detected the wikitext possibly having unintended changes.Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
abusefilter-condition-limitcondition limit reachedEdits or other events that couldn't be checked by all active abuse filters (help).Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
advanced mobile editAdvanced mobile editEdit made by user with Advanced Mobile Contributions modeDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
maps-visual-editVisual map editEdit made with the visual editor provided by the Maps extensionDefined by the softwareYes0 changes