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Spear Throwing Soldiers,(TFH)[1] also known as Spear Soldiers,(ALBW)[1] are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are a variation of the enemy Soldiers that attack with spears or tridents. Spear Soldiers come in several types; some will charge after Link with their spears, akin to the Sword Soldiers, while others may throw their spears as javelins at him instead.


A Link to the Past[]


In A Link to the Past, like other Soldiers, Spear Soldiers are Hyrulean guards that have been brainwashed by Agahnim and are under his control. They are four varieties of Spear Soldiers in A Link to the Past, each carrying trident-like spears with varying attack strategies.

The red, assault-type variety is the most common, who wear red armor and appear in the Hyrule Castle Tower, and later in the Light World once Agahnim has been defeated for the first time. They are otherwise like normal Sword Soldiers, as they will charge after Link once spotted, but can cause twice as much damage with their spears. A more basic, green-colored type appears when the Informant Woman in Kakariko Village assume Link to be a villain and call for guards. The music will change, and these Soldiers will hound Link across town relentlessly until defeated.

There are also two varieties that throw their spears at Link instead of charging at him, which both wear red armor. The tussock-type Spear Soldiers wear basic armor and hide in the tall grass around Hyrule Castle, where they ambush Link by popping up and throwing their spears at him when he draws near. Javelin Soldiers are a far more aggressive variety that are commonly found around the Cemetery and Hyrule Castle prior to Agahnim's defeat, and later inside Hyrule Castle Tower. They hold their spears above their heads and immediately charge after Link and throw their spears at him after he is spotted. They have horns on their armor.

A Link Between Worlds[]

ALBW Spear Throwing Soldier Model
A Javelin Soldier

Spear Soldiers in A Link Between Worlds are strongly based on their A Link to the Past incarnation. Like other enemy Soldiers, the Spear Soldiers were originally Paintings that were painted by and brought to life by Yuga. Three varieties of Spear Soldiers appear in A Link Between Worlds. The basic type is a green Soldier that charges after Link with their trident. A similar, red-colored variety with horns attacks the same way, but is a stronger variant. The green type appears throughout Hyrule, whereas the red variety can be encountered Inside Hyrule Castle.

Javelin Soldiers also appear in A Link Between Worlds, but unlike their A Link to the Past incarnation, their armor does not possess horns. Like the Bow Soldiers, the Javelin Soldiers will maintain a distance away from Link while throwing spears at him. Link can dodge the thrown spears so he can move in close, allowing him to strike back. Link can also use his own projectile weapons, such as the Bow or Boomerang, to attack from afar. Another strategy is to dash at them with the Pegasus Boots when they are not throwing spears, allowing Link to quickly strike them before they can step away.

Tri Force Heroes[]

In Tri Force Heroes, Spear Throwing Soldiers appear in the Fortress Area of the Drablands. They appear the same as the Javelin Soldiers from A Link Between Worlds, as they will try to keep a distance from the Links and throw spears at them. In some instances, the Spear Throwing Soldiers will throw spears from a ledge above or from over a gap, often requiring that the Links throw one Link over or form a Totem to reach the Soldier's level and attack. In the final Stage of the Training Ground, a Spear Throwing Soldier also appears riding a Totem Armos, and will actively pursue the Links while throwing spears.

In the Sky Realm, a golden variety called Sky Spear Soldiers also appear, which also throw spears. This variety is much stronger than the ordinary Spear Throwing Soldiers, and take more hits to defeat.

Other Appearances[]

Super Mario-Kun[]

Spear Throwing Soldier SMKun

In chapter 4 of volume 4, Mario and Yoshi jumps into a lake that Luigi discovers, by reading a sign, it's the SNES Lake, which can take the one who dives in into diffrent SNES games. From Super Mario World, Mario ends up in A Link to the Past and gets attacked by a Spear Throwing Soldier. An angry Mario smacks him and realizes that he's now in possession of the Master Sword. After that, the Soldier doesn't reappear for the rest of the chapter.

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)[]


  • It is possible to knock a Bow or Spear Soldier hiding in the tall grass of A Link to the Past onto land that has no grass using certain weapons, although their behavior will not change.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapanese槍兵士 (Yari Heishi)[2]
槍兵士(槍投げ) ( Yari Heishi (Yarinage))[3]
槍兵士(突撃) (Yari Heishi (Totsugeki))[4]
槍兵士(草むら) (Yari Heishi (Kusamura))[5]
Same as English.
Spear Soldier (Spear Throw)
Spear Soldier (Assault)
Spear Soldier (Bushes)
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