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The Spear as seen in the book
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Defeating Ganon and destroying the Magic Scroll
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The Spear is a weapon featured in The Crystal Trap. It is the only weapon that can defeat Ganon and destroy the Magic Scroll, which holds the spell to encase Link in a Crystal again.


Princess Zelda and Link find the spear stuck in the middle of the trunk. The young hero says he will cut the spear off, but Zelda stops him and asks if there isn't any other way, remembering the promise that she made to Greenbeard in which no one would hurt the woods as long as she lived. Just then, Link hears a band of Moblins heading their way.[1] If Link decides to cut off the spear, Link will pick it up only to see that it is beginning to fade and turn into mist. The tree that had the spear stuck then starts to wither and die with its massive limbs falling onto the ground. As such, the heroes are now stuck between the advancing hordes of Moblin and the falling tree. The book ends with a Game Over as Zelda wishes she had kept her promise to Greenbeard and not let have Link cut the tree.[2]

If, however, Link does not cut off the spear, Zelda will mention she knows how to get the spear and steps back from the giant tree, lifting her arms. She calls upon Greenbeard and asks him to give them his spear to stop the gang of Moblin.[3] The Moblin fall silent and stop in their path after a soft wind blows through the clearing, and just then the spear falls into Link's hand.[4] As the Moblins run away, Ganon reveals himself near the cowering Moblin and steps forward. Link, getting ready to throw the spear, causes Ganon to stumble backward and asks how the heroes found the Spear.[5] Ganon then begins to shoot fireballs at Link, who successfully dodges them. Zelda urges the young hero to use the sacred weapon, but he mentions he cannot get a clear shot. Using her bow, the princess fires an arrow at Ganon, which causes for his robe to get pinned to the tree trunk. Link takes this opportunity to hurl the spear, which lands on Ganon's hand and nails the scroll to the tree trunk. Injured, the evil wizard warns the heroes that it isn't over yet and quickly vanishes. With Ganon defeated, the pair then look at the spear, which begins to sink into the bark of the tree along with the Magic Scroll, causing for both of them to disappear into nothingness.[6]


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