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The Common Sparrow in Breath of the Wild
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Sparrows are a type of Creature in Breath of the Wild.


Sparrows are a type of Bird found throughout Hyrule Kingdom. They are registered within the Hyrule Compendium under six different sub species, those being Common, Red, Blue, Rainbow, Sand, and Golden. All sparrow are small in size and will flee from Link if they spot him. They drop a Chickaloo Tree Nut when killed.

Types of Sparrows

Common Sparrow

Main article: Common Sparrow

Common Sparrows are green in color, with a light orange chest and white underbelly. They are the most common sub spot sparrow and live in grasslands, forest, and occasionally in villages. They are omnivores and eat a diet of nuts and insects.[1]

Red Sparrow

Main article: Red Sparrow

Red Sparrows are herbivorous birds that live in the Hebra province, consuming a diet of nuts and wild plants.[2] They are deep grey in color with a white chest, and bright red face from which they presumably get their name. These red facial feathers are often used by Hylians for decorations.[3]

Blue Sparrow

Main article: Blue Sparrow

As their name implies, Blue Sparrows are blue in color with a lighter underbelly, a white chin and yellow cheeks. They are most commonly found by the watersides of the Lanayru province, bathing in the shallows and eating the leaves of the plants that grow there.[4]

Rainbow Sparrow

Main article: Rainbow Sparrow

The most colorful of all the sparrow and a favorite among dilettantes,[5] Rainbow Sparrows have purple bodies, a red head, a green underbelly and a pink and cream neck. They can be found in the Faron province, where they consume an omnivorous diet of nuts and small, rainforest insects.[6]

Sand Sparrow

Main article: Sand Sparrow

Well adapted to the hot, arid climate of the Gerudo Desert, Sand Sparrows are known to burry themselves in the sand as a means of avoiding predators. [7] They are largely dark gray in color with a white underbelly, red head and orange cheeks.

Golden Sparrow

Main article: Golden Sparrow

Much like other birds found throughout the hot and volcanic Eldin region, Golden Sparrows have evolved heat resistant feathers to cope with the harsh climate.[8] In appearance they are largely gray in color with a white underbelly and golden head, from which they get their name. They are insectivores and live off of small insects they find hidden in rocks.[9]


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