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Sparrot is the Fortune Teller in the Skyloft Bazaar in Skyward Sword.[2]


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Sparrot

This is Sparrot, a fortune-teller with unusually large and unsettling eyes. Analysis indicates his premonitions often appear to be correct.

It is said he sees the future when he peers into his crystal ball, but there is no direct evidence to support this claim.

For the price of 10 Rupees, he can either give details and hints about what Link is meant to do to progress further in the game or he can give the young hero clues to the locations of various Treasures found in the Overworld.[3]

After Link speaks to Levias, Sparrot breaks his Crystal Ball and asks Link to search for a replacement on The Surface.[4][5] To do this, the young hero must use his Clawshots to grapple onto the entrance of the Earth Temple and have Scrapper carry it to the sky. He will reward Link with five Gratitude Crystals and give him a special discount on fortune telling.[6]


Sparrot is a play on Sparrow and Tarot, a mode of divination. It could also be a variation of Parrot, a different type of bird.

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