"Gaze into my eyes... Stare deeply into my eyes... These eyes see many things. Oh yes, these lovely, round eyes can even see...into the future! Allow me to tell your fortune, boy!"
— Sparrot

Sparrot is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a fortune teller residing in eastern Skyloft. Sparrot's stall is located in the Bazaar, where he uses his clairvoyant powers to aid Link with hints about his quest, as well as Treasures. He is quite proud of his prominent pair of eyes, and frequently brings them up in conversation.


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At one point, Sparrot's crystal ball is shattered, leaving him unable to see the future. He enlists the aid of Link to find a new crystal ball for him, though he knows not where they may be found. Utilizing Fi's powers of dowsing, Link searches for an identical crystal ball, and eventually finds one atop the entrance to the Earth Temple. With the aid of LD-301S Scrapper‎, Link is able to transport it back to Skyloft, where the elated Sparrot provides him with five Gratitude Crystals. Sparrot re-opens his stall shortly thereafter, offering Link a permanent discount as an added reward.

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As many residents of Skyloft seem to be named after birds, it is possible that Sparrot's name is a portmanteau of sparrow and parrot. Another possibility is that his name is a portmanteau of sparrow, and tarot, considering his vocation as a fortune teller.

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