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Link as he appears in the tech demo

The SpaceWorld 2000 Tech Demo was a demo for what a future The Legend of Zelda title might look like with the capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube.


The SpaceWorld 2000 Tech Demo showed Link and Ganondorf having a one-on-one sword fight in a dim castle hall. This video, along with others like Mario 128, was created to showcase the processing power and the graphics capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube. However, the demo was accused of generating false expectations, creating unwarranted criticism for the first GameCube Zelda game, The Wind Waker.[1] The demo gave the impression that it represented what the upcoming GameCube Zelda game would look like. So, when The Wind Waker was revealed to use cel-shaded graphics, many fans were dissapointed.[2] Near the end of the GameCube era, Twilight Princess was released, and its graphics were comparable to the tech demo's.

The SpaceWorld 2000 Tech Demo trailer was created by Satoru Takizawa and Yoshiki Haruhana.[3]



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