Southern Fairy Island

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Southern Fairy Island
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Southern Fairy Island is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Fishman's Comment

Hoy! Small fry!

Southern Fairy Island

Listen up, small fry-this is just between you and me... On Outset Island, buried beneath the black soil...there's some serious treasure. I know it sounds like I'm trying to pull your leg, but I'm serious. Try digging there!

Tingle's Comment


Southern Fairy Island

Hmm!! Ah!! Sniff sniff!! I smell a fairy!!

Southern Fairy Island is a small, heart-shaped island located on the Great Sea. The entrance to a shell on the island is blocked, but by using a Fire Arrow or bomb, Link can open the entrance and enter to receive an upgrade to his Bomb Bag from the Great Fairy within. This is the only fairy island Link can warp directly to with the "Ballad of Gales" melody.

Once Link has bought the Treasure Chart from the expensive Beedle Shop, Link can retrieve a Piece of Heart from the bottom of the sea with the help of the Grappling Hook. Also, after every ship and wall-mounted cannon have been destroyed in every reef, a treasure chest will appear in this island containing Treasure Chart #40.


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