South of the Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A region of Koholint Island, the village referred to in its name is Mabe Village, which is found directly to the north of the area. The only other area which can be accessed directly from South of the Village is Toronbo Shores, to the south, although it also shares a border with the Signpost Maze, to the east. To the west of South of the Village is the sea.

This region, which covers 8 squares of Koholint's map, is located near the south-west corner of the island. Its only notable feature is the game's first dungeon, Tail Cave, which is in the eastern section of the region. Aside from that, South of the Village serves mainly as a boundary between Mabe Village and Toronbo Shores.


Tail Cave Entrance

The entrance to Tail Cave

There are many cliffs in the area, particularly in the west, due to the slope of the island down into the southern sea. This means that, by jumping from the cliffs, Link can traverse this area much more quickly when heading south than when heading north. The path from Mabe Village to Toronbo Shores even goes over some of these cliffs. Other than this, the region is largely grassland, with a few scattered flowers and bushes, and trees providing the boundaries between screens.

The entrance to Tail Cave is found in a small clearing surrounded by such trees, with a tiled floor and three small Moldorm statues outside. One of these contains the hole into which Link must insert the Tail Key in order to access the dungeon.


South of the Village Section


The only enemies found in the region, apart from inside Tail Cave itself, are Octoroks. These are the first enemies that Link encounters in the game, when he travels from Mabe to Toronbo to retrieve his sword from the beach. As such, they are fairly simple to avoid, before he regains the sword, and to kill, afterwards; Octoroks can be beaten with a single L-1 sword strike, and drop single Rupees or hearts when defeated (as do the bushes). The only other threats to Link here are a few potholes in the northern parts of the region.


There are two Secret Seashells in the South of the Village area: one inside Tail Cave, hidden in a Treasure Chest behind a Weak Wall, and the other in the branches of a lone tree one square west of the dungeon's entrance. The only way to dislodge and collect the latter is to charge at the tree with Pegasus Boots.

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