South Clock Town, also known as Clock Tower Plaza, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The southern section of Clock Town, the central city of Termina and also the largest, the most prominent feature of South Clock Town is the Clock Tower which can be seen and heard from all parts of Termina. In Majora's Mask 3D, South Clock Town also holds the Clock Town Bank in the back of the tower.

Points of interest

Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower is the main focal point of Clock Town. Opening on the Eve of the Carnival of Time, the Clock Tower is the main attraction for the event. The tower is located in the center of Clock Town and the entirety of Termina.

Clock Town Bank (3DS)

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It the 3DS Remake, the Clock Town Bank has been relocated from West Clock Town and is part of the Clock Tower. Its proximity to both the Clock Tower and being right across from South Clock Town's Owl Statue, make the Bank more convenient to use and access, making the task of making deposits and withdrawals less bothersome and less time consuming.

Festival Tower

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A tall, wooden tower; the Festival Tower is a temporary structure found in front of the Clock Tower. The Festival Tower is a festive symbol for the annual Carnival of Time. Typically, a bridge connects the Festival Tower to the Clock Tower allowing entry to the Clock Tower on the Eve of the Carnival.


At 12:00 a.m. on the Night of the Final Day, the Clock Tower opens, and passage to the very top of the Clock Tower, where the Skull Kid awaits, is possible after a spectacular fireworks display.


  • A Piece of Heart can be found in front of the entrance to the Clock Tower. Link, as a Deku Link can use the nearby Deku Flower to launch up to the ramp. Alternatively, Link, in his true form or the Zora form can get up on the ramp simply by climbing up the ledge.
  • A treasure chest containing 50 Rupees can be found on the Night of the Final Day on the incomplete Festival Tower. It can be reached if Deku Link uses the nearby Deku Flower to launch up to the construction or by using the Hookshot.
  • Another treasure chest containing 20 Rupees can be found on a ledge next to the entrance to East Clock Town. It can be reached with the use of the Hookshot.


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