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Sonic Wizzrobe
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Sonic Wizzrobes are enemies in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


Sonic Wizzrobes are a special variety of Wizzrobe that can be found in caves and dungeons. They cast magical projectiles that deafen Cadence, Link, Yves, and Zelda when they make contact with it, temporarily rendering them unable to hear music. While largely stationary enemies, they move to the beat of the music and are capable of teleportation, raising their magical orbs to the sky before teleporting away to a random tile. They appear for a total of seven beats, taking two beats to fully materialize into existence and will begin charging their attack on the third beat. They release their magic on the fourth beat, which flies in a straight line on every beat until it makes contact with something. While it's moving, they will continue to remain stationary until the seventh beat, raising their orbs to the sky again to prepare to teleport themselves and then disappearing on the eighth. Once gone, they will remain invisible for five beats before reappearing on the sixth, fading their way back into existence and repeating the pattern. Despite their appearance, they can still be attacked while fading in and out of teleportation.

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